Thursday, July 12, 2018

Organization of ideas... With a given planner

Sometimes you are presented with a new tool, a new way to do something, framework, or organizer that you must use.  It is the movement, different than what you are used to, but this is not optional, so you must figure out how to use it.  There are a few different paths one can take.  Choose wisely:

Path 1 - Complain, stare, ask questions or make comments like; "what is the point of this?"  "How is this going to help me?"  "This makes no sense, it is too much, and this will never work"

Path 2- Become completely overwhelmed and push it on to someone else.  This might involve you staring at it and working individually for a minute, but in the end just basically spinning your wheels.

Path 3 - (My chosen path) Starts like path 1 and path 2.  You become overwhelmed, want to say many things, stare for no more than 5 minutes and realize...

Find a partner or 2, not to work with, but to talk out loud too.  They don't necessarily need to respond, facilitate, question, or anything.  They are just there to hear you and you hear them.  I did use the word hear on purpose.  They are not really listening, which is totally fine and the point.  This is so you don't sound ridiculous or seem uncomfortable talking out loud to yourself.

You point and click, go back and forth, maybe complain a little to your partner about the length, the format, wishing it were printed up, etc.  Although most of your complaining would not really help, it does make you feel good for a moment.

You look at a provided sample which gives a little insight.  You look at suggested "evidence" or other sentence starters to give you another push.  You type a word on this page, a sentence on that, totally not connected, which at this point is still fine.  You say out loud to now partners, "what about this!"  They hear you, nod with a smile or say in some sort of way, "sure... go for it".

Two minutes later you have settled on one idea, one thing to get you going, but what you have really done is created a path to move forward.  An idea builds an idea, builds an idea.

You then find a facilitator of this work and you spit out over a 2-4 minute dialogue from start to finish about what you are thinking, how it might work together, and how you will set it up.  You are definitive, THIS IS THE WAY, THE ONLY WAY, there is no deviation in your voice from this!

Pardon my love for analogies below:

Then the facilitator asks 2-3 questions for clarification.... *poof* and you are... REALING... 

You are knocked upside your head... not down and out, but definitely woozy.  You hear the bell! Thank goodness... Your glad because you immediately needed that wake up jab.  It reminded you that this was going to go all 12 rounds, but you are prepared. You have done so much training, you want to push yourself.   

You don't think about it for the next 8-10 hours.  You wake up early and in your head is the outline of the perfect plan of action to use.  You think it will help get all your "ideas" that were grown from a different space (multiple meetings before this one with stakeholders) to fit into a new framework you are given.

The framework is not going to stop you from doing anything, but allow you to not worry about how and where you are going to store all your information.

Besides, that was the problem that your meeting with the stakeholders produced anyways.  You have posters and posters of sharpie and not much more.  Stakeholder meetings are great at creating ideas, not so great at organizing them.  That is done individually or in small groups to be tweaked by a larger group once a strong rough copy is done.

I choose path 3, it allows for me to be human, blame people for giving me more work (HA), and some processing time.  All the while still working next to colleagues and getting a good start on how to organize "ideas" to move forward with plans.  Plans are what we aim to start any school year with.  From plans come monitoring, observing, and feedback with eventual growth.  The evaluation should then be a celebration of the work, not a damnation of the situation. 

Sunday, July 1, 2018


Gonna... take a minute, Not with it
Institution of myself got me down
Need a graduation from StagNation
Need get back that really good sound

Can you write a blog like you listen to a song
This has been a motivation 
An exaggeration, developing a deeper relation 
Write, delete, read, repeat.

Looking for a path, a way to reach past, do my part
A new purchase, a cddolphins sign was the start
Shady in the head now to direct the conversation
Life's been good to me so far....

Don't like the bar, limits me, feel against the combination
So far from my thought, meeting today went off the expectation
Protocol got me stressing, pause 5 to get my head back on tour jack
Just wish I could rap this out, in my voice, 25 year old confident, get that back  

Think my style is off, think my miles got me cancelled
Tense is past the time, Not doing the Over, looking for Under
Standing, where there is none needed, or deserved
Reserved for the worker, the honest contributor
Believer in me, never changed, but have to refocus the grind
Finding time to write again, to stay out of the Nation...

Over past 6-8 months felt like going Stag
Dancing, my own fiction, like lost best friend
Call it a funk, depression, blueprint for StagNation
Need to come up with it, need to challenge
Don't need another work concussion, BPM Big Sean
The moment bobbing interior, Poppin, Thinking
Creating, even if nothing, to jump start incarnation
Manifestation Determination needs to be a "RAP" declaration
Education got us determining to undermine engagement relations
Same things go for administration, "It is safe" is not the road map
Pull Up, pump "compliance breaks", Lil Mosey Rapped drop the top

Back to the point, stop metaphor, which in itself is the hysteria
Difficult addressing the mystery, the reaction to StagNation
Make it ridiculous, make the goal the "moon"
Lie, quiet.... Most ideas come to you at 5:00am in your room.
Go with it, trust the voice, stop thinking, they are not so anxious
Take it positive, Trust "why" NF's advice, left out the "L"
Well, your behind, reminders my StagNation is other's innovation
Still not happy, therefore "forever problems" creep inside

This is definite fourth edit, welcome comment, need to get out
I sit here excited today about direction we thought.
The direction that is started, the places we've come
The overall delivery of the school we want, what we have left behind

Looking for a new degree, just want my thoughts to be free
Uncomfortable moments, awkward joke, not planned trip
Slip of the tongue, forgiven I think, I thank you
This one's for me, to get me out, summer hours
Release of the responsibility, need to think.
Need to know why synonyms for "free" are sorry
While synonyms for "innovation" are glory grand

The idea of "free" itself is what I want from me
Free to be without constraints of my experiences
Free to be with background knowledges
Free to be without pre-requisites and past actions
Free to be without familiarity of normal
Free to go down any rabbit hole

Running from myself, as I find myself again
Rough copy, I share, fourth take
All copies are rough, that's what makes this tough
Never down, never settle, my nation needs better

From now until August, one blog, one thought
Growth is compare, creation to adaptation
To avoid further StagNation

One Blog.... All summer... My second challenge to my recovering school vlog. 

Friday, June 8, 2018

On the 2017-2018

Don't quite know how to associate
Appreciate beyond understanding

2018 was an ending, 2017 was the beginning
Bringing hope, energy, repeated understanding

Let's be real, this is tough, not rough, at times
Just had enough, the year is a success, ain't mine

Had so many crying, not wanting to leave
Please... love is blind, and Mr. Timm smile

Mile after mile, We love your child
This school, this video, this booboo

We know what to do, we do
Year after year, this is nothing new

Staff, students, and guardians for real
All the meals, 18 classes, 4 specials

Feedback coaching, just 1, she's exceptional
4 squad para in luck, nurse when struck

IEP muck, SPED coordinate, OT relate
Psych, counsel, Reading assist time

Lost FCT, had moment, mentor movement
Worst go to nurse, We are the school to return the purse

Evan's view, Cafeteria Latch team is Ford of menu
Bus and clean up crew, None of this is new

#cddolphins are the the what, the why, the how
Now is the time, listen...
Don't go pushing time, Definition a Black Star
Carrie Downie, bigger than... larger than... Allstar!

Can't post the BPM, wish I could trust myself to put this out there vocally... Still scared... I am a white 40 year old that has loved hip hop since 7 years old..., but it don't sound right....

I love my school though, that is easy!

Thursday, April 19, 2018


Accepting, Acceptance, Accepted, the Accept of no need to reflect
That is what that word means. No need to look back, no checking the rearview
Objects are definitely closer than they appear, no fear, It becomes we're
The moment you realize your idea is done, when your not done, just not any more
Realize you need to realize what is your more, your floor, your time to choose the right door

Did not sign up, but never did, change is acceptance at times, not innovative
relative only in only where you sit, your adjust, your trust, your learning, and purpose
This is not a court, not the sort, no argument matters
No statement is material, as it is surreal, acceptance is real

NF hit me with a truth, not understanding content, but feeling, but need to deal
I need to let go, realize acceptance is truth, it is proof, the real magicians poof
I thought I would realize as I got old, I only realize my mold
A one that needs to feel, without that there is no deal, no reason to fear

Remember This - NF - Needs a Listen...

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Need to Create

Sometimes to create you have to give up to gain
Like rain keeping you inside to allow growth
Something you know and need to get out
Head in knots, disorganized it is not

A purpose to create share and forfeit
Often thought as soft, finding the time
All by design, with the goal of sharing
Creation is key to one’s passion, their heart

Not regurgitate, basically an inside look
Not considered work, beyond your body
Needing nobody, inner dive into your feel
Open the seal, gratification to create your own book

Something for others’ to enjoy, inner self demands
Allow discovery within your inherent remains
Pull the plug, pure stuff, allow it to blow you up Belief to create makes you woman and man

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Fork In The Road - Went Both Ways....

Moments in time when you appear to lose your way
Moments when you can't remember what you're meant to do today

Realizing, the feeling, anxiety creeping, needing reality feeding
Your impending, challenging by your own indecision, nervous twitching

Just breathing, give me meaning, forgiving my own limitations
Sensing the beginning of the ending, leveraging, meandering

Lacking the exciting, the driving, forcing, enabling
Wondering how to get it back, sensing and affirming

Off the bank of cognitivity, off rhyming with ING
Monotony of Monday until the relief of Friday

How do you get back the groove you felt?
How do you get back the sensation of advance?
How do you get back the idea of growth?
How do you get back to what you once wrote?

When have you have fallen off
When you don't know what you lost

I realized more than ever lately that my naivety I can not take lightly
While at the same time realizing my longevity, although lengthy
Ultimately expires with little in terms of my obituary
Which I want to be read this way
"He cared, although joked constantly, he believed in people, kids, and family"

All three are important, especially in my line of work.
I am so sick of reading posts about "You may be the only one in this kids life that cares..."
NO YOU ARE NOT! Why do you say, how do you dare...

Those that make those statements live in a privilege of thinking themselves too much
You may be an important and maybe top candidate for caring
But in the draft of life, child picks family over educator every time
Even in a not so great environment place, recognize your influence
You are a chapter, like my time with Napster, you help them gather
Forever thankful, but not the beginning, middle, end.

I don't state this to hate, but hopefully send a message
Recognize, you need to understandably know your role

Your flow, directly reflects your ability to advocate, negotiate
Mediate, the love to educate, needs to be different than that to liberate
Know your influence has importance, a consequence, repercussions, and signifigance

But you are not the only one, there is always someone else.
Just be real, even in the saddest eyes you see, empathy

This is okay, it is the way it should be, you are a cog in the wheel
I hear Maslowe before Bloom's and I do 100% agree
But you can't take on the role of everything, there are too many needs
It would be better to find, guide, and work with what they bring
Reach out, understand and support, help direct them, allow them to sing

This being said, I love the "best principal" ever card, posters and pictures that line my walls
I need to understand in my fork in the road, that I am a believer in kids, not their everything bestowed
I need to understand that I am not changing the world every day with every kid.
I need to understand a quote, a speech from me is wasted, it depends on what they see and what we do.

Hologramz - The whole album esp. "Speeding" - Hex One, 5th Element - AVG 92 BPM

Thursday, March 29, 2018


Why when I create it takes so much time
The dime is not a deal and not the corporate line
Two steps forward one step back
I want to be talented, jump on Lin-Manuel's Miranda
Spoken word to the one's and two's, what I do

I did not knew, nor know, what this leads too
Me three, four, five and six post, mix, still a fix
Netflix for comedy, remix, repeat, neat I wish
On repeat, sweet, just a tweet, I am beat

Create, got me feening, needing, creating
Patterns mnemonic, I rhythmically stole it
I need to find the space, my plate, no microwave
My attempt, not brave, to rhyme to be creative.

 - Credits to "Dinner Time" Go find it, not a regular play or what you search.