Saturday, January 24, 2015

The 10 Month Adventure!

What if as educators we were recording artists, life would be perfect!  We would have producers (admins) and singers (teachers), where producers evaluate, give feedback, and adjust singers levels based on what they hear and see.  We would have multiple opportunities to succeed.  We would be able to record and hear/see our performance.  We would be able to work and practice until it was perfect!  Then we hit "submit" and our product is published.

What if that same concept was shifted to the classroom where singers (students) and producers (teachers) were to occur?  Students could take risks like changing tempo, rhythms, and voice level. Teachers would then listen and give immediate feedback.  The final product would be what we hear on Itunes.

Why can't we do this? we have the tools, screencasting, podcasts, google apps, etc.  We can do this, because this is how life works and to be "college and career" ready we need to do this.  Very few professions have a finite assessment.  In construction - measure and cut, wrong fit, measure and cut again.  Writers - write, edit, write, edit, etc.  Used Car Salesman - "that is my final price" "o.k. wait, let me talk to my manager". Doctor - Let's test for this, no that is not it, let's test for this, no that is not it... Etc.

So lets take the mindset of singers and producers.  Let's be creative, collaborate, produce a product, evaluate it with feedback, perfect the product, and finally share the product with the world!  Could it be that easy?  Definitely not... assessments are important as a thermometer and not a measuring stick.  The products and the projects are the learning, the questions students ask and ability to share it with the world and get feedback is the movement beyond comprehension we are looking for!

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