Friday, February 27, 2015

Sometimes ideas hit you in waves and sometimes like a right hook.  In reading "The Missing Voices in Edtech" with some friends on voxer including the author +rafranz davis  and being a part of the voxer #satchat group this week.  I feel like I have app smashed PD!  That was the wave.  Then I talked to an 11 year old today that started a movement based on a passion project... The right hook!

We talked PD all week and how to integrate tech and break down barriers... Does it get any better as an admin?  This is the world of being connected, doors are always opening, nothing gets closed.  All week the discussion was about how to get more involved and then +Tammy Neil said something to the effect of "I don't mind being the conduit, I want to connect people, I have accepted that role and roll with it".  +1 Tammy, you get the spirit!  I only wish to get to that level of enthusiasm!

So I get back to my story.  How to push PD and integration of technology?  There are three things that through "talking it out on voxer" this week I discovered.

1. Time - teachers need it to plan for integration and that is important.  We can't just expect that it is going to happen.  As an admin I need to make sure to require less and meet less to make sure they have more time to plan and collaborate... (more on this in a minute)  This is accomplished through using tools like screencasting directions for compliance issues and using voice recordings when delivering emails.
2. Expectations - What should be accomplished.  This does not mean by March 17th you will.... It means that we are moving toward personalization and in order to do that you need to experiment with... and try.... and what if..... and making sure that the staff understands the expectation is to explore at this moment, for a little longer.  We will find our favorites and many have through +Schoology.  We are 1 year into our journey, at some point we will get our "bread and butter", but we will never stop learning new tricks and trying new things.  How can we? Being loose, being adventurous, and having a little attitude is how we got here.  We will make sure we don't lose that.
3. Mindset - Most important! +Justin Schleider always talks about this and I have learned tons! You have to change, grow, and be ready to unlearn to learn again.  That is it... bottom line, drop the mic!

Is it that simple?   how do you get there?   That is a much harder question.  Be loose, have confidence, talk to people, did I say be confident, did I say talk to people, and have some fun!  Don't fake confidence, use it to promote those around you, and grow leaders!  That is the ultimate testimony of your influence.

The real test is who talks about you behind closed doors in a positive manner...?  That is the only test, go take it, push people with a smile, let them know exactly what you expect, let them dream, let them be awesome, and just lead!  And if they talk negative, so be it, fix it, and don't let it stop your growth toward helping "our kids" And just do it the #cddolphins way!


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  2. I like it- very exciting thoughts to come back to