Thursday, April 2, 2015

I have had the pleasure this week before break of connecting with a lot of great educators. We have discussed all sorts of things and through the guidance of +Modernteacher I have realized the importance of Time, Place, Pace, and Path. This framework is not just for students.  Which is of course is the driving force of why we are educators.

How Time, Place, Pace, and Path, as it relates to students will come up in a later post, but I want to now write to how it relates to dealing with other educators.

I do not have a direct line to students in the classroom as I am not a classroom teacher.  I miss out on teachable moments with students often, which I truly miss.  I do however have opportunities to have moments with peers and teachers as it relates to their thoughts about education.  This I am grateful for and cherish ever moment.

This week I was challenged, questioned, and pushed to think clearly.  That is not the point... In each of these instances, Time, Place, Pace, and Path played a role.  Each had to be considered depending on the group I was collaborating with.  By recognizing this framework my conversations were different and more personalized.  So I will break them down as follows.

Time - Where are we in the journey with whom I am talking with?

Place - Where are we located, how does the location relate and affect the conversations occurring?

Pace - How much can we push each other? What is too much, what is just edubabble? What is everyone comfortable with as it relates to taking on responsibility?

Path - Where are we going? How do we get there? What is the roadmap? How do we come up with actionable steps?

After this week, I realized that if I use this framework during meaningful conversations, I can better meet the needs of those that I am conversing with... It is not easy, but essential in connecting, collaborating, problem solving, and becoming a 21st century learner.  Isn't this what we want from our students.  We can't speak over their heads, nor rush, nor dumb it down, nor fillibuster, nor go in a direction that is not authentic, nor (fill in the blank), etc.

Be true to the conversation, be engaged, be passionate, have fun, but at the end of the day be cognizant that Time, Place, Pace, and Path need to be in the front of your brain in order to push the needle and make real connections and change.

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