Friday, May 29, 2015

A message to School Leaders... Are Titles as a Leader Necessary...Darn it I just gave myself a title

I am a Principal because that is what the school community knows me as.  I am also a boss at times, such a short negative word, in my opinion.  I am a lead learner, but that sounds so untouchable, like I am better than you.  I have heard servant leader, again wrong connotation for me, if you know my personality. I have been called incompetent, slow, and other choice words... by certain people.  I would rather not go with those either.

I like What If... and WITH Learner.

Don't get me wrong, for the school community I am the principal, when I have to make tough decisions, I am the boss.  When I share something via twitter, Google+, Voxer, weekly email, meetings, I may temporarily be a lead learner.  When I rush to your class to problem solve a problem you are having, I am a servant leader.  When I make bad decisions and it blows up, I may appear incompetent for the moment.  I can own that, no worries.  Am I the first leader to make mistakes and wrong decisions ever? Who was the CEO of Blockbuster Video?

I just always want to live in What If... and WITH Learner.

That is such a great place to live.  I want to buy a house there and set up my family. HAHA.  I want to discover with you, I want to be learning WITH you.  There is no better professional feeling then being in a classroom and on the spot "live" problem solving or engaging in conversation in "real" time.

I also want to be told I am wrong, I want to be challenged, and questioned! It might hurt in the moment, or I should say it will hurt in the moment, but guess what, I will get over it.  I will sleep on it.  I will talk to my most trusted circle about it.  That is healthy discourse.  I will come back and realize that learning WITH is exactly what just happened.  A light bulb just went off, we learn collaboratively, just like we ask of our students! Share, listen, think, talk, repeat!

Bottom line, titles separate, titles distinguish, titles set a tone, titles are for movies!  Just be you, if you are not AWESOME yet, get there.  It is not hard.  I often listen to Aloe Blacc "The man" on the way to work, just to remind myself that I am okay and stop thinking so much and just listen a little more!

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