Friday, May 22, 2015

Response to FAIL, more the process in thinking....

This is in response to +Tammy Neil and @mathneil post today about FAIL = First Attempt In Learning.  

This is not a post that is going to analyze her words and break them down sentence by sentence.  Instead this is a post about how a process helped me change my vocabulary.  I used to speak to "failure" like it was o.k. in schools.  If you "fail" you try again and work harder, seems to make sense, even Michael Jordan made a commercial about how much he failed!

But Tammy is right, Michael Jordan did not fail over and over. If he failed he would have never tried or practiced or played at all.  That is failure.  Bottom line, no more explanation needed.

Here is Tammy's Blogpost - Tammy's Post

Thanks Tammy for helping me realize this.  +Justin Schleider and @schleiderjustin had a vox summing this up so well in 42 seconds.  Take a listen - Justin's failure summary

So how did Tammy come to this conclusion and this post.  It started a week prior with a statement from her, where she stated that she did not like the FAIL acronym.  A small group of us went back and forth on Voxer challenging each others' thoughts for a good 2 days or so.  We used the time tested speak, think, listen, speak, think, listen approach to working this out.  Tammy's post is the product of that conversation and lots of deep thought on her part.  Her thoughts are genuine and authentically her's.  After this conversation almost like lightning hitting Benjamin Franklin's kite, I saw what she was seeing.  And I believe now right on point.  A week earlier I did not agree with her.... I was on the Michael Jordan commercial side of thinking about this.

So whether it is FAIL or anything else in this world of education we debate and discuss, I plead with you to use the speak, think, listen approach to clarify, justify, defend, and eventually post your thoughts.  Tammy changed my meaning and use of a word as it applies to schools in a few short days.  I can't wait to challenge and be challenged again with my views!

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