Friday, May 8, 2015

Keeping up or Keeping it REAL...

This week was teacher appreciation week.  Lots to celebrate and thank your staff for... NO QUESTION!  Here is how my last 2 days went.... WARNING!!! this post is about my growth in trying to be a better leader...

  1. Then I heard @jethrojones speak about @gustafsonbrad and how he appreciates his staff every day!  You should have heard that @voxer comment, absolutely outstanding!  
  2. I read about @glennr1809 and the amazing "fake assembly" he had for his staff where students put together an assembly where student led the celebration and a video.  Link Here 
  3. @posickj did a Jimmy Fallon type "thank you" card routine. Link Here  
  4. Finally, there was @dwight_carter talking today about how he had his graduating class thank a teacher before graduation.... Storify Link
OH MY GOODNESS! Overwhelmed!  In my tiny world... to hear these amazing ideas!  I put them in the google doc I use to save good ideas (about 10 pages long now, need a new organizational tool!)

I believe all those examples are great because they were authentic to who they were at the moment. Authenticity (seems to be the latest buzz word) is one of the greatest gifts you can give your staff, bottom line, don't be fake.  I mess up everyday, sometimes really big mess ups.  I live with it, own it, deal with it, and this is might be my legacy to my staff, although not by choice.  I model "messing up" and "making mistakes".  I appreciate my staff by showing them that I mess up all the time, but I do it with the idea of improvement and passion towards the students in my school.

Below is my modest appreciation video, but it is who I am right now, where I am... bottom line. I mentioned great leaders in this post that I strive to emulate in many ways... But I also realize I am "me" where I am now, growing, naive at times, but passionate.  I try not to be discourage by all the great things I hear about and see.

Be "me" and be "me" the best "me" I can.  That is all I need to be as a leader and own it. Don't apologize to yourself for not being "that leader".  My PLN of great leaders are great! They push me beyond myself to strive for "that leader" status, but I also understand "that leader" is "ME", I just have to use their ideas and figure it out for myself.  Thanks to my great Leadership PLN for making me a better leader for my staff during teacher appreciation week!

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