Friday, May 15, 2015

We are here... Been here.... Lets tell you about it!

Another great week of sharing, learning, and experiencing with others.  How could I be so blessed to have this squad to go to with questions when needed, work things out, listen, and learn...

  • +Eric Sheninger jumped in some conversations this week which is always awesome! So much knowledge about how he deals with digital leadership. 
  • +Dwight Carter spoke to us about some awesomeness (not a real word) in his school.  
  • +Brian C talking about learning spaces on a budget. 
  • +Jay Posick and his full student assemblies to give teachers time. 
  • @joywright91 speaking about what she is trying with staff to catch that spark!
  • @tedhiff talking about parent involvement and unique ways to engage stakeholders.

I have died and gone to edutopia! Ha, not really, I have just found people that are not afraid to share (brag) a bit about what they are doing.  It makes me and all others be better.  The problem with people is we always compare ourselves to others. That is so surface level.  What is important is what you "take" form others and make your own.  That is learning, growing, and growth mindset.  I learned this week from all of them and more. 

I learned that I am not them, I may never do those things, but through their encouragement about what they were doing, I am doing what is right!  They don't have to say it, they only have to share... They have to take risks, chances, share their experiences.  

I am not afraid as +Justin Schleider would state, "I want to be the best... that is what I strive for!" There is no shame in that.  We all want that.  We are not playing a game, we are doing what is best for our kids, so you better want to be the best or else you are not doing your job. Share it, push it, make me jealous, it makes me/us better for "our" kids! LOVE my #pln for another week.  

Next week I might disagree with everything you say and write a horrible blog about how wrong you all are!  Just kidding! HAHA

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  1. Guilty as charged of comparing myself to others! This is something that I am working on. You are right that we can only compete with ourselves so there isn't any point in comparing, but rather I need to embrace the learning and sharing. Although my problem is that I get so many great ideas I drive myself batty trying to implement them. Got to get better at narrowing them down or making a plan of attack. My kids love when I come in on Monday and say, "guess what I learned on Twitter this weekend." They always laugh and then ask what they are going to be guinea pigs for this time!