Sunday, June 28, 2015

Totally overwhelmed with gratitude.. That is my struggle...

Over the past 5 days I have done 2 presentations at #ppi15, #tct15, and one ignite session at #ISTE2015.  Well somehow I was given the opportunity and blessed to be able to do this.  I am very thankful and appreciative of all these opportunities.  Today, I was one of the last speakers at ignite, which is not the point, but gave me a lot of time to think and realize how lucky I am.  I got to listen to others go before me.  It was special, created a lot of anxiousness, and reminded me of my days playing team sports.  I was beyond nervous as I had 5 minutes to tell my message and then had to walk off the stage.  No extra time, and no mulligans.  None of this is the point...

I question myself internally all the time.  I think that is normal, but why do these feelings keep coming up?  I think it has to do with what I see from so many leaders out there.  They get this idea that they are bigger than their message.  It is not hard for me to stay grounded, but I don't want people's perception of me to be anything other than someone that is grounded in what is important.  My students, bottom line.  It is a slippery slope and a double edge sword.  How do you tell the message of your school and at the same time, not make it about you.  This is my struggle...

I think it comes back to what I know "WE" do!  "WE" tell the story of our kids all the time, we are authentically not perfect, and I love it.  We tell a great message, because that is what our students deserve.  We give them voice and an opportunity to speak for us.  I realized that again today as I spoke.  Their message is my message.  My staff's message is my message.  I defend it and hold it close.  We have just begun and I can't wait for the next step in our journey.

I want to truly thank the following for today:  My social media eduheroes backstage today like @pernilleripp @ideaguy42 and @rafranzdavis.  They were there with me in the same space, living the moment with me.  Showing me how to share a message that is so important not just for our students, but more importantly for our society.

I also have to thank: @sarahdateechur periscoping @kitty_tripp recording the feed from a monitor and posting it on youtube.

I also can not forget @mathneil and @theedsaneT in the audience and giving me confidence before the event.  Their support today can not be understated.

Most importantly I have to thank all my true eduheroes from here to the end of the paragraph for the past 5 days!

Last week I was accompanied by @bennettsbunch @gabephillipsde @dmimaginatorium to deliver a session on social media at #leadsde. @peteleida and I presented our story at #tct15 and I think helped a lot think differently about technology integration from district to school to classroom.  @katy_corey @cdroom103 for sacrificing and being there early today for the ignite session and then sharing the moment afterwards.  Our newest #cddolphins @rosy_burke watched the feed on periscope and also tweeted me out congratulations.  @stacy_mcmullen and @cdroom504 watched it as well and tweeted me well wishes.  Through it all we got great feedback at every turn.  It is overwhelming and I really don't take it all well. This is my struggle...

This might be a good struggle and I know the current and future #cddolphins will keep our message real.  Even if that involves grounding me with issues about bathrooms (inside joke).  I thank you and appreciate the level of support everyone has given.  I am truly humbled and lucky to be where I am. We are a tribe as Seth Goden might describe.  Let's keep pushing our message and supporting each other.  There is truly no limit to our ability to grow and influence.  We are our only barrier!


  1. I think we all share these same struggles. As educators, we naturally put others before ourselves and do not like being in the "spotlight". However, I also believe in "walking the walk" and not just "talking the talk" when it comes to my students. When my kids do something awesome-it's a big deal! It's recognized! As a class, we celebrate it! A lot of students, like myself, have a hard time accepting that kind of attention but I teach them how to be proud of themselves and also what to do with that. I never ask my kids to do something or be put in a position that I, myself, wouldn't. Sometimes you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. And rarely in education is it really just about one person. I think we all know that. In my opinion, good leaders make others better than themselves.

    1. Great thoughts and I think you are absolutely right. Thanks for that feedback. #rb2de

  2. So thankful for the opportunity to present with you, gabe, and GK at PPI! You are an outstanding leader, and I have learned and grown so much as an educator over this past year and a half. Our message is clear and well delivered, and we all believe in it! We support you as much as you support us, and that's why it works!!! Can't wait to see what the future holds for the #cddolphins and I'm so glad I'm a part of it!!!

    Torri :)

    1. Well said! Whatever the future brings you know we will do it as a team with focus and collaboration! Thanks, Torri