Friday, August 28, 2015

Branding your school? The questions that follow.

So we come into this era of branding our school and classroom to promote our students.  There have been many trailblazers before to explain how to "do" this.  I am not champion for the how to "do" this, as I think that map is already pretty well developed.

I want to talk about the effect of doing this in your building that may or may not be thought of.  I promote collaboration, sharing, talking, and to some extent bragging.  A little #eduattitude. This comes with a warning!  When you brag and or have an attitude, you inherently develop critics, haters, and enemies.  Bring it on!  I just don't want them to be at 1201 Delaware St.

How do you feel about promoting your classroom?  How do your teammates feel about your level of sharing?  Are you bragging?  Do you think you are better than someone else?  The critics say, "I can do that, I just don't put it on social media..."  Isn't that the accountability piece we always talk about?  Want to be accountable, more than test scores, put your message out there and back it up with evidence, just saying...

Here is our first "Carrie Downie Weekly Video"

Do we make decisions based on what we think may effect someone negatively or by what we think will benefit our best people?  I say promote the best, that is what we are all striving for.  I do not operate based on the what will offend, but based on what is best for our students.   Branding our school and promoting the #cddolphins message is part of that.  Right now there is no question that is who we are, lets not hide from it, let's push this.  We are 380 students on a good day, lets show the world what we are.

The questioning about who you are professionally may become overwhelming.  Biggest question then is, "Am I authentic and living up to my own beliefs?" That is a hard question, one that only you can answer as as an individual.  Like going into an interview about your classroom, be ready for questions.  The teachers @carrie_downie have these answers.  By that I mean, they know they back up their message and they stand by it proudly.  We are #cddolphins! Our kids need us to push them to live to that standard!

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