Friday, August 21, 2015

Goals... Are they Smart or Audacious or Both?

Part of my PD delivery this week included walking down a line of tables with the idea of "what song do you enter your class listening to in your head?"  Whatever your choice the message is clear.  What mindset do you have to push yourself and your students to be better.

My choice was:

This song gives me an edge and attitude.  This is important for any job, but as a principal, someone who is always watched even more important.  How does this all relate to goals?

Well that might be a tough analogy, but let me try.  When you make "Audacious Goals" in education people tend to think you are not focused on incremental growth, which for years has been the roadmap for school improvement.  I don't disagree that to get to the end goal you need steps along the way, but if your eventual goal is so AUDACIOUS, that no one thinks you can achieve it, then you are on to something.

Put your goal so far away, that no matter what, all the steps you take to get there are incremental growth. You need an edge, an attitude, a vision, a calling... Without that you are nothing more than another suit doing a job.  Audacious goals push you, push those around you, set a tone.  That is when the work comes in, and you need to be willing to work.  By announcing AUDACIOUS goals you put yourself out there.  You put a target on your back with no going back.  Is that not what our students deserve? We as educators need to be willing to take risks, be vulnerable, and put ourselves out there.

Whether I ever achieve my AUDACIOUS goal is not important.  The steps I and we as a staff take to try and achieve them is the progress, journey, and improvement that will move schools.  I rely on these goals to move #cddolphins to be a community of risk takers that never say "no" and/or " I can't do that".  We would never achieve AUDACIOUS goals if we utter those words.

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