Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Regurgitation/vomiting is for birds not connected educators

I am prefacing this with the fact that I have only been "connected" for a little over a year.  In that time I have made a few observations and think there needs to be a voice for the not so popular at times.  Before I go on, I need to explain the context of this blog.  It is about the following words; regurgitation/vomitting, sharing, and creating.  I need to first define regurgitation/vomitingsharing and then also creating to fully understand my stance.

I will use regurgitation rather than vomit, just has a better feeling.

Regurgitation - In my humble opinion is just taking something you may or may not have read and never really thinking of applying it and just sending it along just because.  Maybe you are bored, maybe you are looking for more followers, maybe you don't focus well on your own vision and goals.  Whatever the reason, it is like a bird during the mating season trying to win a mate with a scent or action to create an attraction.

Sharing - This is important in that it is finding an idea you have read about, have tried, invested in, talked about with someone face to face or virtually.  It is something to some extent you have vetted, even if in your own head.  It may be viable for your situation and you feel like others in your situation or your PLN could actually use. This is power, this is collaboration, this is one way to use Social Media to benefit your PLN.

Creating - Creating a Thinglink where you have curated and vetted tools like my friend Amanda Rogers +Amanda Rogers.  This is a great visual and organizer of tons of tech tools.  Or Sarah Thomas +Sarah Thomas @sarahdateechur with her creation of @edu_match where she is not only managing a @voxer chat, website, etc., but also doing a virtual edcamp this weekend on Saturday at 2 pm, sign-up.  Just create, curate for others, put it on youtube for others to view.  Creating is doing and showing.

Back to my initial point. Regurgitation gets in my way, makes me want to vomit, and ruins my filter of information.  It makes me not want to read my feed on twitter or listen to voxes that I know have no backing or "real" information behind them.  I am in this to learn, share, and create.  If you are not in this cycle then just read, take-in, and learn. There is no need to regurgitate, we will all get it anyway if we know where to look, who to ask, or want the information bad enough.

If you want to regurgitate information just send yourself an email with the link, blog that you did not read, or video you did not watch for the content or the idea.  Abraham Lincoln wrote himself more letters to himself than he ever sent or spoke about.  Follow Abe and start a journal, not everything needs to be regurgitated.

We want our students to go beyond surface level and really dive into our lessons with depth.  Please practice the same in all aspects of your PLN.  This does not suggest to take the social out of Social Media, that is important and necessary.  That needs to continue, just don't send out another tweet about how we need to be "student centered".  I wholeheartedly agree with being "student centered", but if you are anything worth your weight, at this point that idea should be implied and understood.  Sort of like the idea we should plan our lessons.  We know that, tell us how you are "student centered" specifics! or how you plan your lessons!

Don't regurgitate!

Invigorate, innovate, share, and create or at least try!


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