Monday, August 10, 2015

What if classroom connections went beyond classrooms to individualstudents

So the school year is about to start for us and I have been tooling around with an idea in my head for a while.  #mysteryskypes, GHO's, reading to each other, and many other classroom connection mediums are great.  But what if we could collaborate with another class on a much more personal and intimate way between individual or small groups of students.  What if they each had a way to talk with and collaborate?  Here is the idea.  Create rooms for small groups or individual students, that then connect with another class.  Simple, but effective.  Most ideas that are influential game changers are taking an existing idea and tweaking it slightly.

BIG WARNING!!! you will need serious bandwidth, but my school is lucky in this sense.  I screencasted the idea below, but you basically go to and set up an account and then create rooms for each of your students, like,,, you should have more creativity than me. Then you post the links via symbaloo, shared google doc, phone conversation, whatever, with another class.  It works just like a but with video/audio and ability to share screens which is the cool part.

You could do a million things.  Modified #mysteryskype, collaboratively work on a project, writing, ask each other questions, debate, etc.  The ideas are endless.

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