Monday, August 17, 2015

Why are we here and How do we move forward? Simple PD plan...

On the eve of the first day with the teachers back in the building tomorrow, I have put my finishing thoughts together and organized the 2 days that I get to set the stage for the year.

We will have a day of "why" and a day of "how".  They are driven by a few simple questions and lots of activities, examples, and hopefully some inspiration, deep reflection, collaboration, and some fun!

Day of "Why":
  • Why are we here, what is our main purpose? (always good to revisit this question)
  • Why is it important to not only spread our message globally, but even more importantly locally?
  • Why is it important to support each other and do some of this work together?
  • Why is it important to have both audacious and less audacious goals?
  • Why is important to continue to push each other within a framework of sharing in order to continue forward progress in the process and journey
  • Why is never okay to say we are done or I can't do that?
  • Why is it always okay and expected to say "what if..." and "explain that to me better..."

Day of "How":
  • How do we become even more awesome than we are?
  • How do we begin, first steps to achieve the goals we are striving for?
  • How do we set up systems that fit these goals vs. fitting into a system that may lead us down the wrong path?
  • How do we use technology to better assist our students and our own work as educators?
  • How do we create lessons that don't waste time so that we have the ability to push our students to a deeper understanding?
  • How do we only focus on 2 objectives to drive all this movement?  Yes 2 main focuses.
Why and How 

Could it really boil down to that simple a concept?  Probably not, but that is how we are starting and our focus is clear and detailed.  Knowing the #cddolphins I know we will fill in the rest together and as always, "Make it Awesome!"  Be ready, because the 10 month journey is about to start again and I may have 2 cups of coffee tomorrow!


  1. That picture makes me miss my kids from last year and so very excited to meet my new class next week. It is amazing how much they grew. Imagine how much this next class will soar as we continue on our journey.Simple and focused. Looking forward to tomorrow and seeing all #cddolphins again!

    1. Thanks for your words Katy, it is going to be a great year, because you are going to make it great!