Sunday, October 18, 2015

"WE" Did this...

I have read a lot of reflections about conferences in the past.  I have enjoyed them all as it helps the attendee solidify or make more concrete their learning.  I am going to switch this from an I to a "WE". Our district has been talking about the power of "WE" for some time.

Saturday was all about "WE".  We that planned the conference 100% asynchronously, with no face to face meetings over a year long process.  We, that signed up to attend on a Saturday to learn.  We that presented and waited nervously as we had to walk out to a song we selected and address a crowd of 250+ people.  We, that took pictures of presenters and each other to celebrate the learning.  We that spoke at lunch and clapped as others won raffles.  We, had fun learning, we had choice in learning, we came, not because we had too, but because we wanted too.  We wanted to be there.  We want to do better, we want to reach our students in multiple ways.  Let's not forget that we are more powerful when we continue to push each other, learn together, are provided choice, and have fun.  Remember that when you are planning and facilitating your classroom.  We, will be watching and wanting to know how it is going.  We, are there for each other.  We, want to help and support you.  Just reach out to us and together we will make a difference for "our kids".

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