Saturday, October 3, 2015

Lesson plans or Learning ecosystems?

My fifth grade teachers are going through teaching ecosystems to their students. What does this have to do with lesson plans?  You spend a lot of time setting them up, planting seeds, and getting materials together. Then all you do is observe, water, and do some routine maintenance.

Lesson plans should be like ecosystems.  You should plant seeds in dirt and wait for it to grow.  Others should water the plant, pull weeds, and observe.  This should be shared with all around and dead plants and animals removed.

18 minute video on Reading Unit:

It is that simple, lesson platforms, not lesson plans, should follow this same trajectory.  This is a short post, but if you think of units and lessons as ecosystem vs. a product, you will know that they need to be continuously monitored, pulled, re-planted, watered, and set up in the light for others to see.

4 minute video on Math challenge problem:

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