Friday, October 2, 2015

What really matters... Stop saying "All about the students" and live it!

Sometimes I walk into a room and teachers perk up!  I have had bells hit me in the head to tell the teacher I entered the room!  I find that funny, why not.... Why wouldn't teachers or anybody be nervous when a supervisor with the power of an evaluation be a little nervous.  I hold the power of their observations and to some extent their livelihood.  But relax, sometimes, I am not there for teachers.  I am there for them, the students.  I want to know what they are doing...

Well that is a lie, I am there to make sure they are learning, which is driven by the teacher.  Checks/balances and continuous improvement within an expectation of risk taking, problem solving, and progressive struggle is what I strive for.  With that being said, we also need to meet them at their level through differentiation, which can be achieve through digital means if done properly.  See my blog on digital platform creation.  If you want more info find me on twitter @dougtimm34 or voxer doug_timm.

I understand the stressor requirements like bullying training, student benchmark assessments, RTI groupings starting, daily emails, trainings, observation/feedback, me in your class recording stuff without your permission, and everything else being totally overwhelming

I get it, and understand, but we have to have a sense of urgency.  When we started the year we had 1170 hours with kids.  We have already used up so many of them.  Every minute is important and after a few hard weeks where we are all tired, I am ready to try and get some energy from the best source we have "our kids!"  They don't know our struggle.  They expect us at the door every morning ready to go and being positive.  In our profession, our "feelings" don't matter, I am sorry, we are there for a much bigger cause.

Just remember that I want to know what they are completing and how they are solving problems (Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, etc.)  I have seen so many great things this year so far from every class.  Strive to make every day your best.  

When I do my walkabouts and not confined to my office with behavior issues, I only pay attention to what they are doing (students) because that is all that matters.  What teachers "do" is not important if it does not equal student learning and growth.  This may be against what some teachers want to hear.  They may want it to be all about what they are doing.  I really don't care about what you do if it does not equal "our kids learning." 

I have seen so many great things and have been able to give so much great feedback.  Thank you #cddolphins for making many aspects of my job easy.  We are a team and I appreciate learning from you and "our kids" more than anything else.    

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