Saturday, November 14, 2015

Girls On The Run Reflection

As a participant and nothing more, I was blown away by the scene at the River Front in Delaware today.  +GirlsontheRunDE hosted their 10th anniversary birthday with their annual 5K.  It was a celebration of girls and their perseverance, drive, and dedication to being awesome!  There really is so much more to the program than I could possible post in this blog, but here is my short reflection.

These girls and their "buddies," which were primarily a parent, showed me the power of community in our TEC# vision.  We had so much fun, from dancing pre-race, to the bus ride, run itself, and then the finish line.  The finish line is significant as we waited for every one of "our girls" to finish.  They did not finish first, but they continued to move forward, to grow and push themselves.  That is the message. Growth, friendship, comradery, and knowing you are a part of something bigger than yourself.

I am still smiling 12 hours later of what "our girls" did and the growth I saw.  Watching students and in this case 14 of "our girls" grow, is the ultimate payoff of being an educator.  The eye stickers, medals, cheering, and post race snacks are one thing, but the "feeling" of accomplishment is what I saw.  Confidence was built, love was shared, and 14 girls saw what the power of community can do when there is a focus and commitment to a cause.

Thank you @carrie_downie girls for representing and finishing this journey.  I started this blog to understand my own journey.  Today you helped me realize sometimes our journey does have finish lines.  We should celebrate those moments, cherish them, and build off that positive energy.  I am ready to go to work, like right now! To make sure this momentum continues.

Thank you to "Our Girls" first and parents! But also thank you to  @rosy_burke @MsCousinsin2nd and @cdroom103  for your dedication over the last 8 weeks to make this happen!  I would also not do this justice without thanking @UDSigmaKappa with leadership from @amanda__toto and @meliss_tavares to make sure "our girls" had a large cheering section for each of their finishes of this journey!  Great stuff all around and so #proud to be a #cddolphins today!


  1. First of all, I would hardly say you were a "participant and nothing more". The success of GOTR is largely due to the commitment of many- the girls, their parents, everyone you mentioned above. And when I say, "success", I am not merely referring to the 5k. In fact, I mostly am not. I'm not even referring to the lessons and practices, nor do I mean all of the logistics that took place in terms of training, coaching, planning etc etc. Don't get me wrong, all of those things played a huge part in the success I am referring to, but for me, my biggest goal I try to achieve each and every season I coach is to have the girls, families, community, and schools that are a part of the team feel exactly like that- part of a team. A team that cares and loves each other as well as themselves. If that happens- I've had a successful coaching season. The feeling that was felt by everyone in Saturday- that's how I want everyone to feel all the time, even without having a race to run. It's that feeling that I try hard to put into words whenever I try to explain the power of programs such as these. The program (and others like it) itself is great but it's just a means and a reminder. A reminder of what's really important. I know I've expressed my thanks to you but I'd like to again, this time publicly. Doug, this year's Carrie Downie GOTR team would not have existed without your efforts. It wouldn't. I think about the beginning stages, past due dates, overwhelming processes and you were there through it all-beg.,mid,end of season-making sure it all came together. Most probably don't know that you made phone calls, sent emails, registered participants, picked up bibs, filled out paperwork, secured a bus- all the "non glamorous" but necessary things that needed to be done. Things I couldn't do, and never once did you complain or hesitate to help. In fact, you did it all with a smile. One of the lessons we teach in GOTR is letting your Star Power shine in yourself and others- you definitely made us shine. Thank you.

    1. It was well worth all the work! Especially to see all the growth in our girls and formation of that team you mentioned! Kudos to you.