Friday, November 13, 2015

So Many Questions, and Yet So Many Success!

What happens when students come to you as a trusted individual?

What happens when students come to for advice?

What happens when students come to cry about their problems?

What happens if you are that person that students come to for all the answers?

This is what happens when you become an educator.  Except it, embrace it, and live it.  Tell your message, don't hide, there are way too many out there saying, "those that do, don't teach."  Let's turn that tide to "those that do, teach."  It is simple for us, we have the most important job in the world.

This is major pressure, and we don't know if we are ready for it on a regular basis?  We don't feel qualified, we question ourselves constantly.  We don't feel worthy.  Who gave us this power?  We are just teachers and admins, it is just a job... Right?  We have degrees, but we are really responsible for teaching your child how to read, write, do math, and think?  That is some serious responsibility about our most prized commodity, "our kids".  We except that challenge...  with enthusiasm and commitment.  We do it, because with passion we care. We except those questions and yet we succeed.

We did so much this week, here are a few examples of what we were involved with, and how we showed that commitment.  This is only a sampling, we are influencing people, and by that I mean young minds to think and be true citizens in our society.

We rocked a board meeting presentation with +Katherine Corey +Christiana J McLean +Robin Detoro-Cebenka  and a father that set a tone for the whole district as a model of how a school operates.

We realize that our job is so much more than reading, writing, math, etc.

We realized this week that our job is not just a job.  We #cddolphins, knew this, but we were reminded again.  We were asked to be judge, jury, and final say on some things very important.  We decided who should be in a group, who should share, who needed a hug.  But guess what, it worked out, we made our decisions based on what was important.  We made those decisions based on our love for "our kids."  We gave them extra attention, trusted them to be on their own, and struggled with the feeling that many did not get the concepts that we wanted them to understand.  We lost sleep over this and discussed this to determine how to reach them.  We did this because we are committed to being there every day to try again. We never give up and we are thankful for that passion and commitment.

We saw a program called Girls on the Run take off and flourish with head coach +Roselynn Burke  and assistants +Elyse Marsh and +Dawn Cousins twice a week inspiring girls to be better individuals. By that we mean character development, they taught us everything from what it meant to be a good friend to how to deal with difficult people.  This was taught to us in the hallway on the way to breakfast, lunch, or whenever they saw us!  Then the celebrations, from banana cheer, to a game of sharks and minnows to public service projects, these girls became a team and a tribe.  We heard repeatedly from them (students) and their parents that this was the best club, or we call tribe (Seth Godin) they have ever been a part of.

Then we heard victories this week from teachers based on a student just making it through a day, to lesson/units being created for class, and district sharing.  There was a great field trip in first grade, we presented at a board meeting, multiple parents came to our GOTR pasta dinner.  We discovered so many successes in one day as we visited every homeroom class (Tuesday).  How do we not enjoy this discovery and learning together?  We answer the initial questions by sharing and telling you this is how we #cddolphins do it.

Celebrate successes together, this was just this past week.  Feel the pain of struggle together and share success, we had plenty of that, that is how we grow!

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