Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Who is Responsible? Why and How?

About 5 years ago I watched a stand up routine on TV by Chris Rock, one of the funniest things that I have ever heard.  At one point he said, "I take care of my kids!"  then some expletives, and then, " I ain't never been to jail!" with some more expletives.  The point was, those are things that we are supposed to be able to say...

That is not a badge of honor.  You should be able to say that you take care of your kids and that you have never been in jail.

So how does this relate to leadership in a school?  How does saying, I manage my building? I evaluate my teachers? I talk to my parents? I talk to my kids? Is that any different than what Chris Rock said?

Today I jumped in #tntechchat, or I should say was pulled in by my biggest supporter @peteleida my boss! Which is cool on another level, but that is another blog.  But @clymer_edu made me respond to his initial post of Admin supporting new and innovative ideas.


Here is my response:

I am generally against writing blogs because of a first time interaction with someone I have never interacted with on twitter before.  But I thank Justin for breaking my twig, by that I mean reaching my boiling point!  I am so tired of responding to this, but also understand why it always comes up. We as leaders stifle innovation more than any other entity, including government.  What is wrong with us, SERIOUSLY!  

I am the appointed (some are) or actually, I went through an interview process (actually about 5 of them in the same district before I was hired, no hard feelings... seriously I was not ready)  

Then I was selected leader.  Still not quite sure I am, but I will guarantee you there is no void that needs to be filled by another, just my style.  Those that know me will get that statement, it is about real respect and a tribe, not a position.  My staff punch me, laugh AT me, and often yell at me with choice words.  

But still, am I not responsible for everything?

Here was my response:

Aren't I responsible for everything? 

I ask again.  Well, let me think, haha I usually just talk, rarely listen, and have no time for thinking, although that is my twitter tag line.  Again, I am not a social media guy, I am a face to face guy. I am not a tweeter, I am a doer.  I am someone who puts out a challenge and fights like you know what to meet it.  

So being responsible for everything, I guess everything is also up to me?  I HAVE ULTIMATE POWER!!! (insert sarcasm)

Side note; I am totally tooting my own horn here , but this afternoon I had my second conference call with Amazon about ALPHA testing their new platform for free educational resources for teachers #OER #GoOpen.  ALPHA testing comes before BETA testing.  The user platform is hopefully just a few months away, and should absolutely be a game changer.  Imagine Amazon Prime with free resources for teachers and search features and tagging ability of AMAZON.  I just passed out...

Am I not now responsible to give them feedback, which is going to happen weekly to tell them how the product is working.  This is AMAZON, not the corner teacher shop.  We have a demo account that I am going to share with staff for feedback.  Are we not now responsible for helping one of the largest companies in the world work out the kinks?  There are less than 5 districts that have this access besides multiple other content providers.  Districts are not generally content providers, we are usually content consumers.  

I feel responsible for bringing access to all kids.  Amazon can help with that in this platform.  I might write later about that experience once I have played around with it.  The responsibility is to better not only my staff, but also access for all kids especially kids that struggle because of their economic status, that I care so much about.  If you doubt that read some of my previous blog posts.  

So what does this have to do with my day to day job, which is definitely not working for Amazon.  Nor do I want to do that work.  I am responsible as Justin asked to push the status quo.  How do you push the status quo?  Do you talk about it? Do you parade around like a bird that can't fly and talk and smile?  I do do that! HAHA just check my twitter feed, but that is not WHAT I do.

I am responsible for, and the reason for this blog, to push thought!  I am responsible for asking "What if..."  That is my favorite part of my job.  Today I said, "what if..." more than once.  It created a lot more work for me, but I think many of the what if's...? of today will put us in a better place tomorrow.  

Is that not the point?!?!  Ask the question, "What if..." and then solve it.  That is being passionate and a principal entrepreneur (new term, I am starting now #prinentrepreneur).  Remember though I am not a tweeter, so see that # die by tomorrow. 

LOOK NO TWEETS!!!! It is all mine, but am I doing anything or just pushing a #?  Internal struggle as I have multiple # I push, but they are local...  I join many # that are global and love them with many people that I have connected with and continue to connect with and never want to stop connecting with... So I also talk out of both sides of my mouth.  Just again my internal struggle, about what I am really responsible for....  I am responsible for going of on a tangent... Sorry.... And responsible for using (...) way to much in this blog!!! HAHA No Worries!

Ultimately I am responsible for my day job, Principal of @carrie_Downie.  That is my ultimate love, I protect it, push it, and want nothing more than to be a model for how a school should interact with all stakeholders.  I am responsible to them and the community that I serve! 

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