Thursday, December 3, 2015

I am tired... so what!?!?

I am tired... I just finished a 12 hour day after a 13 hour day and have to deliver PD tomorrow at 8:45ish.  We have coffee at 8:00 am to wake me up, but I am tired.  Just finished a twitter chat, voxer conversation on the way home from work, and listened to a podcast after work about my district NSBA site visit in the spring.  Discipline issues, conversations with staff, parents, students, a DFS supervisor, and a bunch of email/phone calls from people selling stuff.  You know what I am not done!  More on that term at the end.

You know what though, I am going to suck it up.  I played for a flag football team about 10 years ago called "man up."  I was the worst player, although I was a good athlete.  So what does this have to do with being tired?  I was a 3 year starting Div. III soccer goalie for a great team (hold div. III records), athlete of the year at my high school, multiple sports. But for "man up" I was low man on the totem pole.  I will say I was on the slightly older side of the group, just saying.  They were all Div. I football players U of D and Del. State. I did not fit in, and I was "tired" often with them.  Not because I was physically tired, but more because I was not fast enough, or knew what they were doing, because I could not stop to catch my breath.

Am I really tired? or did I really just need to stop and breath?  Think about where I am and refocus on the task at hand.  My task right now is getting ready for a PD day that I am leading.  I need to put everything else out of my mind.  Can not worry about being "tired" or not being able to keep up.

Let's be real, my staff don't care about my current "overwhelming" feeling.  They would probably say, "You chose the dates of these things, you chose the initiatives, you did this to yourself!"  Haha, I totally agree and I write this now as a reset to make sure I am ready for tomorrow.  Tomorrow is game time!

I can't be tired tomorrow, I can't fake it.  I don't want to, my staff deserve more than my faking it.  I do have a Ace in the hole though.  I got some help and I am planned, I think I am anyway.  I started on this day a few weeks ago.  I flipped a video for staff to start to think.  I put together some tasks for them to complete in our LMS +Schoology and I finished it off this afternoon with some team building.  I asked one of our staff @wilkieeducation to help with that exercise.  He is one of the most creative and energetic people I have ever met.  He came through with a great idea!  My coaches +Jessica Hoban and +Stephanie Jones help sort out the specifics, but he gets the credit for the idea!

That is the point, be tired, but never be done!  Fight the urge to stop and say you are not good enough or it is just too much!  Write a "to do" list, reach out for help, do whatever!  Just never admit you are tired and done!  I have heard being done is for Turkey's!  +Roselynn Burke told me that the other day as a coincidence.  I am no turkey!  I am many things, I guess done is not one of them!  Don't stop, you have had this feeling before, fight through, "man up", and be a leader for your staff, students, and community!  That is your job and better yet, should be your passion!!!

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