Friday, December 11, 2015

I am writing about "My Kids" not "Our Kids" in this one...

I think I have quoted "our kids" in so many blog posts before that I can't count them.  In each one it meant, "our kids" at Colonial School District, where I feel we are doing work that is changing not only the mindset of the community but the world.  The Power of "WE" is alive and well there, I am so proud of that work.

I am writing though about "My Kids", the ones that sleep under the same roof.  They mean something to me too. I went to our local board workshop last night and was stunned by what I saw and heard.  I want to write this as an angry father that wants to go to each board member's house, have a beer, and explain my thoughts one on one. Then, I think my true feelings could come out, private conversation, between two people.  Does it get any more intimate than that?

But I am not going to be able to do that... So I write this as a desperate father, who understands schools and how they work within districts.

I saw board members on Thursday night that did not care about movement.  They cared about "their voice".  We discussed communication, high school bell schedule, and full day Kindergarten.  They put full day Kindergarten last, as that is why most of the 50+ people showed up.

Communication discussion was easy, no dissention, although their ideas of how to communicate are not progressive, I have many thoughts on how to communicate with the public.  Later blog.

Then we went to the High School schedule.  Why does the Principal of the Avon Grove, Scott DeShong need to defend a block schedule to the board!?  That is absolutely insane!  Since when should a board be so concerned about high school scheduling... This feeds into my main point here.  I had just seen a show of "Men being Men".  By that I mean the men on the board felt a need to try and one up each other with ridiculous questions that had nothing to do with the message.

There was passion in the bell schedule presentation, had all the right answers, had data, student voice, teacher voice, and passion!  Please what else do you want, trust this man! For...... sake, just shut up!  You are a school board not the Pope, you are elected, not appointed for life.  Even the way many of you sat in your chairs bothered me!

Then we were about 2 hours into the meeting and the main topic of full day Kindergarten came up.  So now it became about "MY KIDS".  By this point, I had been beating down already by the board.  I had already lost faith in their ability.  "Men being Men", They questioned data and money that could not be determined because they were projections.  These were forecasts, but done with due diligence.  WAKE UP!  We can question that all day, but questions never leads to action.

This is the type of question that came from the board,  what if 12 more students decide to come and then we...?  So we adjust, I have been an admin for 10+ years, been to over 100 board meetings, I get the budget, but we were talking about pennies on the dollar?  Then I heard, "We need a plan!"  You need a plan to build a plane, you need actions to change schools, period.

If you constantly plan, you never move forward.  Forget my problems with your ability to implement technology!  Challenge me! Ask me what I do?!  Why are we in "My Kids" district 10 years behind?  Come visit us @Carrie_Downie on twitter or face to face. Call me (302) 323 - 2926 if you want to talk.

A train is leaving the station and you missed it about 5 years ago!  Seriously, I have been to teacher conferences and talked to your principals. They don't get it!  Seriously come talk to me! or my friends!  

I am so tired of promoting my school and being ashamed of the school my kids go to. Why is this parking spot even there?  That alone tells me so much!

You awakened me last night.  I have no problem with you individually, but I know that I have friends that are also committed with a major following.  You are worried about those that came and talked about money and tax increases.  But you should not be, we can mobilize, they can only yell out at meetings.  We have tools, that you don't understand, but if you followed us on twitter, google+, youtube, facebook, etc. or any other social media site you would understand our power of mobilization.

The message is beyond that.  The message is that I am upset that the reason "My District" is 10 years behind the game is because you as a board feel a need to "man up" in the wrong way, and need to continuously show your "influence".  From what I saw on Thursday, I saw a bunch of posers, and want to be's!  The best voice came from Stephanie (board member) who spoke from the student perspective.  Sorry boys, your message has been heard for a thousand years!  You are weak, and you can sit back, cross your legs, flip your glasses up, breath heavy, and do all the MAN stuff.  But I see it, you are weak, because you are basing your arguments on fear of loss of power, not a passion!  You are basing your line of questions on trying to one up each other to fulfill a void!  That is the difference.  We have passion, and don't question where that comes from.  That passion comes from "My kids".  Don't question that...

I really don't want to concentrate my efforts on you, as it has nothing to do with "My Kids" district other than an example of what you could do.  But I feel to play your game of pushing up your chest, I should show you mine.  That is the language as MEN you seem to understand.  There is more, but am trying to speak your language now. I have lived here 12+ years, I really can mobilize if needed.  I am speaking as a father, not a principal or member of Colonial School District. I want to make sure that is clear.  You have a problem with me, come after me, not my school or district.

Just approve the High School Schedule and Full Day Kindergarten.  My requests are simple.