Monday, December 21, 2015

When we think of Kevin...? We really just want to be a little bit like him.

"What happens when your child is born and there is dead silence in the delivery room.  No "congratulations, it's a boy!"  The delivery room according to my parents was dead silent when my older brother was born.  During the second day of his life a doctor told my mom he was a Mongoloid, and not knowing what this meant, she asked if he was going to have to be institutionalized.  The date was July 26th, 1974.

Kevin is an adult now, succeeding with down syndrome, not institutionalized, living in a group home with 3 other people with disabilities and working every day, being productive.

Video of words spoken here:

He has developed great relationships with so many and left lasting impressions.  Here are quotes from many of those people as they describe what my brother means to them.  These are their words not mine to describe the coolest guy I know!

He is just one of the guys! - Mat

Kevin took what some families would deem as a challenge and turn it into a blessing.  Kevin is a person with obvious disabilities and was able to teach you more than any other person could ever have.... - Craig

He is funny, watching games, when I say, "Cold Beer" he laughs. - Dave (roomate)

Kevin seems to be the most happy person I know.  He was always this way.  As a baby his nickname was Mr. Smiles.  What a wonderful reminder when I see him, that life should always be enjoyed! - Mom

Kevin has shown me that life really doesn't have to be complex; the simple pleasure of just being together and contributing can bring him true happiness and fulfillment. - Penny

Sooo there was this one time at the Dirty Hole that Kevin thought he was surrounded by characters of Xena the Warrior Princess... - Chaz

Not sure I knew what pure joy was until I met Kevin Timm.  Kevin is many things to many people, a son, a brother, a colleague, a roommate, an uncle, a DJ and Xena the Warrior Princess - Chris

Tough choices about Kevin... Do I go with his perfectly articulated half time speeches, sending him in with laundry list of random alcohol to buy at the liquor store when we were 16, or the time I had him guest bartending at Bankshots. - Brian

I was about nine years old when I first met Kevin.  He was blasting Def Leopards "pour some sugar on me" and strumming the meanest air guitar I have ever seen.  Not an hour later and he was dressed up as a Cat dancing and reciting lines from Broadway's show.  His passion and inherent love for music and dancing was inspiring by its uninhibited nature and ability to infect all those around him with happiness.  They are reminders to this day of how important it is to sing, dance, and laugh as loudly as possible, every day! - Brandon

Twenty years ago I met Kevin Timm, a caring and compassionate young man who loves sports, music, his family and friends and is constantly smiling and laughing.  - Dave

Great guy! He is good, but sometimes he does not get up in the morning and he sleeps in. - Fred (roomate)

The smiling charmer sat at the dinner table listening to adults talk about mundane adult crap.  He however, was dreaming about winning the air guitar/drum championships and watching the World Series with the Phillies. All this while sipping on 2% milk. - Ryun

Kevin is the most honest and forgiving person, who finds happiness and truly treasures the simple moments in life.  St. Patrick's day loop with Kevin.  If you were there, you know why this was a special moment. Some things are better left to imagination, but he wants to repeat it every year on March 17th. - Jessi

Using a metaphor, Kevin showed me early on if you help him by opening a door he will walk through it and into the room. - Dad

Kevin is often my motivation and passion.  I feel a sense of guilt that is not justified for being his brother.  If at the end of the day if I have not lived true to me, he is there in thought to remind me that the only thing that matters is being honest to yourself about yourself. - Doug

Last quote is from Kevin:  My music, let me see here... playing DVD's, hanging with everybody, Eagles games, bowling, Sixers games. - Kevin

He is living every day, making an impact on everyone he meets, and "hanging with everybody."  He has influenced so many and left his mark on this world more than he will ever realize!  We all want to be a little bit like Kevin.

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