Friday, December 4, 2015

Why do you blog?

Why do you blog?  Reflection, Reach, Influence, or some other reason.  I don't care why you blog, I really don't, what I care about is your message.  Because guess what!?  As influencers' we have a responsibility.  @jonharper70bd has a major following.  I appreciate that, but to what extent do you weigh that, and decide that maybe your message should be authentic?  I challenge the message that is his message.  Positive is great, but when do we be "real"?  Sometimes blogging about what is not what you "see" every day becomes a problem.  When does that message come out?

When does "group think," because of following become detrimental to what we do as educators?  When do we take a "feeling" and make it action?  Please think about that as you blog, and think about your influence.  Don't spread a message of something that is not going to in reality, make a difference.  I love positive messages!  Just be careful, because your "feeling" based on a moment in time, probably, will not create sustainable change for "our kids."

If you blog for yourself, that message is fine.  The problem is when you push your "feelings" with influence to a larger audience.  Those that are influenced by your words need to be considered.

This is short and sweet, but as tweeters, we tend to jump to these types of messages.  This is just a short and sweet moment of warning.  Read and appreciate, don't jump until you have thought about what you have read.

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