Saturday, January 30, 2016

Creation Day

We had what we called "Creation Day" which to sum up basically means get a lot of stuff and throw it in the middle of a room and start building.  It certainly came from inspiration @cainesarcade.  So what did we do, well we have been collecting supplies for a few weeks now.

There were not a lot of rules or restrictions.  Basic stuff like: 
  1. Students can't cut with box cutters, that is job of adult.
  2. No making weapons
  3. Don't hit anyone with your creation
  4. Make sure to walk everywhere
  5. Basic stuff
We spent time setting up, dancing a little, and generally trying to make the environment conducive to this type of messy work.  We had pizzas ordered as well.  Very important to feed people if they will be there over lunch.  Our hours of operation were 10am - 1pm.  Over the next 2 and a half hours students made all sorts of stuff, one structure even needing a ladder as it was over 10 ft. tall. 

It was a great day and I have my staff, the ELK's Club (large supply donation), and our PTA president, who brought in vendors to help with cost of supplies, to thank!  

I would say if you have never done something like this before, go for it.  I hope to do it again, and get even more students involved next time.  The problem we have is space with a small cafeteria.  If you need any advice or guidance you can reach out to me @dougtimm34 on twitter, but it was pretty open ended and free.  

My staff got there early, helped set up and clean up after the event.  They actively participated with their own kids, with each other, and students, to build some pretty incredible things in a short period of time.  I want to thank them for those efforts as they made sure this was a special day for the students that came!  Below are some of the pics.  

Thank you #cddolphins!  You all know how much I wanted to do this for a while and you made it happen!  We need to be creators digitally and non-digitally, today we did that!  You all are the #BESTEVER @chrissiejmclean @cdroom103 @rosy_burke @katy_corey @trotterrosa @4amanda_grace @MrsKise501 @Chigg208 @rdetorocebenka @MsCousinsin2nd @wilkieeducation @stacy_mcmullen @FutureVanGoghs 

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