Friday, January 22, 2016

Mistakes are inevitable

Mistakes are inevitable.
Why can't we be more reliable?

#principalpoetry is my new thing, hobby, and rhyme.
But to get my point across my words may not work this time.

Why do people make mistakes?  Why do we struggle with relationships, even after we think we understand the other side.  No matter a group, a student, staff member, loved one, regardless...

When mistakes happen what do you do?

I was reminded this week (and any week from the past 37 years of my life) of a few times about mistakes I have made.  Some were immediate and some were from a time back.  How do I deal with them?  I seem to make more mistakes than most.  Mistakes might also be a word that does not truly define what I do, but I am going with it for now.

First of all, own it.  Listen to the other person, or yourself, and accept that you made a mistake.  Sometimes they are minor like an apostrophe in the wrong place of a video.  Sometimes they are bigger like a total misread of a situation.

What I would say to all of this is simple.  Be true to who you are and trust that the person, group, global audience, whatever, excepts you for who you are...

A person that makes mistakes and nothing more.
Because life is work and being understood is what we are for.

Every moment of life is like a movie, without repeated takes.
I hope tomorrow I don't make any mistakes.

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