Friday, January 15, 2016

Thanks for the commitment!

I want to thank my #cddolphins staff for the commitment to learning and work today.  It was a Friday before a 3 day weekend.  We concentrated on many different areas depending on who you were.  Some specials teachers went to their designated areas, guidance had an afternoon training, our math coach presented 2 sessions in the morning, and classroom teachers spent the morning with math and the afternoon with me.

I heard many great things from different people about the professionalism and commitment to being engaged and doing the work from all over.  So here I go in an effort to show my gratitude.  We saw a youtube clip based on a poem in the afternoon, so I am giving it a shot.  Below is not meant to be taken too seriously... Just saying.

Math, Art, Music, Guidance, Lesson Planning
That is what I am naming

It is not easy when you are asked to do so much.
With little time, running from here to there, with a short lunch.

Smiles, laughter, concentration and work was tough
But we did listen to Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You UP

Every day we do this job it seems to get harder
When it seems to overwhelm lean on each other

Again thank you for your commitment
"our kids" will be better for it!

Thank You #cddolphins for being present, being engaged, being a great audience, and for all your participation!  Have a Great Weekend!



  1. Love Rick Astley!!! We're never gonna give you up, Doug!!!

  2. Thanks Torri! 80's music may be to be a new regular occurrence at all PD sessions.