Monday, January 18, 2016

What Makes a Principal's Job Special... A Poem

A Principal's Poem

What do I like about my job?
A poem, I will use to describe.

I am a principal of a great school.
This, is what I always wanted to do.

So what is it about this job that gives me so much pleasure
There are so so many reasons it is hard to measure

Everything from opening milk containers at lunch
To feedback with staff, I like so much

But there is one thing I like more
One thing, what I believe I am here for

It is not slow summer days and long meetings
Or ordering supplies, based on what we are needing

Not getting new computers or cameras, which are cool
Although those are important in a school

Making new connections with educators or other admins is fine
But definitely not the top reason for my time

Maybe the great exercise I get, by walking the halls
Or seeing student work on all the walls

No, these do not seem like the number 1 reason to my ear
Why I truly love my career

It is not as simple as to say it is for kids or students
As that is too general a term, reason is more prudent

It is for those moments of trust
For when an adult ear is a must

For those moments of elation
When students are happy to be back from vacation

For those moments of crying, anger, and pain
When you are there to share the lane

For those moments of aggression
That often lead to deep depression

If you are able to turn their day around
There is no better feeling, on this sacred ground

And those aha moments and smiles
That help you go another mile

When you see a student that is having a bad day
You grab them, to hear what they have to say

Often tears and sadness over a situation
Can turn into smiles, and revelation

Once they know the principal is someone they can trust
For the guy that "owns" the school, listening is a must

Those are a few of the moments I cherish
Help build their self-esteem so they can flourish

My job is only in part to lead a building
It is really more about a feeling

There are so many ways to show you care
As a principal do you dare

Playing music, high fives, greeting students every morning

Just trying to get them pumped up for some learning

Really be there, show them you care with dedication
That is my favorite part of my chosen vocation

For everything that makes school special, great, and vast
Interactions with kids is the greatness that always lasts

I can not name one principal I had growing up, until 10th grade
My students will not have this problem, is promise I made


  1. Your commitment is obvious; not just in your words in this poem but also in your everyday actions. I have the privilege of seeing it firsthand. And it's for that reason that your promise, which also happens to be my favorite line in the poem, will undoubtedly come true time and time again. You definitely stand out amongst administrators.

  2. Thanks Rosy!

    Appreciate your words and thoughts.
    Gonna rhyme the reply, why not.

    "Our kids" are number one
    When they know it we won

    Again thanks for being there and working with me.


  3. Working with you
    is a breeze.
    There's no place
    I'd rather be.

    Our kids are the best,
    I would agree.
    My everyday wish
    Is that they would see

    Their gifts, their strength,
    And their beauty.