Thursday, March 24, 2016

Blog from the phone

I have wanted to send a blog from my phone for a while. Why? Because I am an addict to my phone. So I feel it only fitting to do the last thing, that I have not done yet from this device. 

I have done everything else, minus hug another human, from this phone. This phone enables me to do things that I only dreamed of 3 years ago, but...  

It also forces me to do things like grab it in the hills of Vermont, when I know there is no signal, but still out of habit, I grab. 

Ugh...! Where is the happy medium, access with limits?  It is different for everyone. I think the question is, Is this tool making your life better or worse? 

With 3 kids at bath time/bed time phone is worse!

Sending out Sunday message to parents or quickly making a flipagram, youtube video, etc. so much better! 

So there is no answer, just don't judge my grammar here, this was done all on two thumbs. 

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