Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Creation vs. Buying?

Today I repurposed a piece of furniture.  Nothing crazy, it was an outdoor bench destined for the trash heap.  I grabbed it, added a few braces to secure it and then stained it to give it a little fresh look.  It is now sitting proudly in my backyard, waiting to be sat in!

Start and finish, nothing big, it was open to be modified how I saw fit!  I also created a mixtape 2 days ago that I can not share with anyone... It is probably no good, but not the point.  Youtube shuts me down constantly because of copyright violations when I share.  I get it! I would not want my hard work shared without compensation, unless I had another revenue source, like my concerts, commercials, spotify, etc.  As principal I have another revenue source, my day job, but I also spent this week planning a 4th grade lesson based on RI 4.6 common core standard.  

Should I put it on Teachers pay Teachers to get money?  I think it is pretty good, and could probably get some money, but how does that look?  "Principal putting lessons on Teachers pay Teachers".  I think there are so many issues with this site.  I know you put some hard work into your "stuff", but ask yourself why you got into this?  If no one posted stuff to the site asking for money, it would go away... Simple supply and demand economics, just saying.    

I also could put it out there in a way that makes people fill out a form, to collect their information, but why would I?  I think sharing should just be done, without needing anything in return, although that is a hard hurdle to get over.  It is the beginning, middle, and end of this lesson, as I will probably never deliver it.  Unless +Mr. Bonavita +Laura Bossert or +Stephanie Cenno-Larson ask me to teach it to their classes, which I would...  #cddolphins 4th grade teachers!

I look forwared to @amazoneducation and their platform to be able to upload and download content.  But until then, I used a Google Site.  Here it is - Link I will link it all over this blog, so just click.  I did make it a to gather data.  I am curious to see how far #OER can travel without a repository?  But that is my own personal geeky data mind working.  I already patted myself on the back for this (self-actualization), as I do not lack self confidence issues.

Why did I create a 4th grade RI 4.6 lesson on spring break that I will probably never deliver?  It is not the perfect lesson, as the text I selected is well above a 4h grade level, but you could insert any text.  I did it for the process and practice, not necessarily to be used, but to learn and do.

There are 2 reasons:

1.  I am presenting on this at #baconbytes Link to Register April 17th in Millville, NJ.  But this was not the driving force, although it is the reason I did it this week!

2.  The driving force was the fact that I can not continue to ask my staff to do something that I have not given my full attention too.  I planned a "weak" blended lesson last year, that I used with staff, but it was "weak".  I needed to go through the process, start to finish with a standard and put in my "2 cents".  It is by no means perfect and does not address so much including, Path and Pace in a Time, Place, Path, Pace model.  But it is blended and starts at the higher level of cognitive rigor in thinking, my original 2 goals, there I am using metacognition again!

We use Schoology? So why did I do it as a Google Site?

I have never used Google Sites before this week, so I needed to learn the tool to deliver the content. That excites me to no end, when I have the time, so often, I do not... So I did learn the tool first and realized it would work for what I wanted to do.  No big conspiracy.  I could insert this in Schoology, no problem, just harder to share globally, which we are working on as a district to make sure all our content is #GoOpen #OER.

Random thought: might help you understand my mindset at times!

P.S. I listened to this song on Youtube as a loop as I wrote this!  Just right click for Microsoft or double click mouse pad on MAC to loop any Youtube video DJ Turn It UP (Warning there are 3 bad words that start with sh... in this song)  Tell me you did not shake your hips or head a bit after listening... Don't Lie!

Back from ADD binge!

I don't want to be a blogger (although I am, and love the self-actualization reflective part! HAHA) or so be a part of so many hashtags, that I will not mention... I just want to "do" the work, I want to "live" with my staff, students, and community.

Principals, join me, in the hard and messy work that is school.  We are not perfect, so prove it by putting out products that will face feedback, when you have time.  Don't just speak from a pedestal about ideas, or show the "peeps" what you are thinking.  Thinking sucks without an example!  Just saying...

I will share this with my staff, not just a global audience!  They will roll their eyes!  I will look frustrated, my vein will pop out, and we will have an understanding.  Growth and movement forward will then occur with their leadership and support.  NOT the other way around!

All the links are to my Google Site, except the Yellow Claw Song!  HAHA Remember, put it on loop and work on your dubstep for the sake of the children!

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