Thursday, March 17, 2016

I know a Super Hero!

I know a superhero! She is not over imposing in stature, does not yell out things, and she can't even fly!  But she is able to do many things;

For example:

  • Take chicken scratch and turn it into a coherent message.
  • Be yelled something (partial idea or task) from down the hall and turn it into an actionable step.
  • Calm an angry parent with a smile and empathy in seconds.
  • Welcome upset students and make sure they get to class with a smile.
  • Feed the hungry, talk to the needy, get insight on the hard to understand, and convey this all to the relevant stakeholders that need information.
  • She is able to laugh about a mistake, be upset about something serious, and understand a deep concern all within the same minute.

That is a partial list of what my administrative assistant +Terri Kane can do.  She is on Twitter, but will never check this, she is on Google+, but will never see this.  That being said, she is what Twitter or Google+ might call an #eduhero!  She never asks for thanks or to be recognized, but she does more for kids without a degree in education than so many people I have met face to face or online.  

I will email this to her so she knows how much I appreciate her.  I could have waited until April 27th, administrative assistant day, but why wait?  I did not pick that day, although I will get her a gift card to her favorite coffee spot.  I was reminded today about how important she is to me and "our school" and "our kids".  We "celebrate" so many in education.  I propose that my "superhero" is more valuable to "our kids" than any award would justify.    

Simply put... No questions... No way... Could I be who I want/need to be, without Terri.  The answer is no.  I forget, don't think about, don't know, etc. so many things that she covers for me, that her value is "superhero" caliber.  

A great administrative assistant will manage, keep the pulse, know the dirt, massage people, listen, filter, block, have your back, speak for you, etc. so often that you can't begin to understand how that all fits in one head.  For these reasons she allows me to be there for the #cddolphins to help in ways that don't require me to be at my desk, although I know she wishes I lived in my office.  It would be so much easier for her, but she is so unselfish that she understands that we function better as a school when I am "visible" and supporting people in multiple ways.  I do have a radio and 85% of the time I have it on the right way, I again have messed up here quite often.  

Teri forgives, forgets, understands, does, works, sees, loves, jokes, smiles, talks, and is there for everyone. She is the one that keeps the school going.  

I try to push thinking as the conductor of the train.
But she is collecting tickets in the rain.
making sure we are at the right speed. 
Always there for what we need!  

Thank you Terri!   


  1. What a perfect way to explain the "awesomeness" that is Terri! Thanks for sharing, and thank you, Terri for all that you do for EVERYONE!

  2. Wow!!! Yup....she is our SUPER TERRI!

  3. I think she's Wonder Woman because I wonder how that woman does all she does!

  4. As a #cddolphins you know what she does. Hard to explain outside of the building! She is Wonder Woman and more!