Monday, March 21, 2016

My thanks continue... To home

I have spent the last 2 blog posts thanking different people, not groups of people, but individual people.  I have however left out the biggest thanks of all. That would be to my wife, who since I was 19 years old has supported me, and just been there every step of the way.  We met in college and it just seemed to feel right, like we were meant for each other.

From those first days in theater tech class (don't ask why 2 elementary ed major were in this class?) to to buying our first house, she has been there.  She would not always stay for the whole game when I played college soccer, and she does not come to every school event, but I know that she is always doing something to make sure my life is a little bit easier.

My job is hard, although not impossible.  Her job is hard and impossible.  Mainly because she now works full time in schools, we have 3 children together, supports a household, and puts up with me!  I know that I can count on her like the sun coming up in the morning.  She never seems to get sick, always stays home when the kids are, and somehow things just get done and end up in the right place because of her.  She is an inspiration and I still get excited every time I see her, like a middle school sort of crush on the girl with the locker down the hall kind of way.  

For allowing me to have to not worry about so many things, I want to thank my wife.  I am pretty easy to live with, at least I think I am, but she is someone I want to live for not with.  She is someone that even after 19 years together, 13 of them married, I can say I both, out kicked my coverage and am grateful for having her in my life.

Thank you Jessi for being there, being kind when needed, harsh when needed, intricate when needed, you always seem to be there in a way that I need!

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