Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Take A Risk To Stand Where You Are... What Is The Risk?

The greatest gift you can have as a human is to be self-actualized in your thinking.  If you reach this level you are constantly reflecting, thinking, challenging (yourself), and pushing for growth.  If you are stuck comprehending, analyzing, reasoning, or even in metacognition, you are always still figuring out purpose, pursuit, defending, developing, or setting goals.

Don't get me wrong those are all important skills, but if you can pretty much live in self-actualization and pull from those other cognitive levels when needed to address a situation you will be so much happier.

Now don't misunderstand me, self-actualization is not confidence (although they do travel together), and it is not seeing how many likes you get on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.  That level of thinking is probably a part of all levels, but like an evil side dimension.  I have fallen into this trap a lot, but because I am striving for self-actualization, I am able to recognize it and move on.  Being able to recognize your own faults is part of it, making fun of yourself, not taking yourself too seriously, knowing others have great input, etc.  All of that is important.

I write this as a reflection on my next post and a prelude to organize my own thoughts.  Because I am still trying to figure it out:

What motivates me?
When am I most happy?
What makes me feel this way?
What do I want to do when I grow up? (this is just funny, I figured this one out already!)
How will I make the world a better place?

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