Thursday, April 28, 2016

As You Ponder Leadership

As you ponder leadership with your time and think about all your lists
I wonder if all the wonder and worry is worth the risk

To drive yourself crazy about crossing every T and dotting every I
I am reading a new book about Winston Churchill and that Abraham Lincoln guy

The book would lead you to believe that leadership styles are changing everywhere
That leaders need to be the head of the boat like Washington crossing the Delaware

I am only 10 pages in and already have started to think and ponder
Are leaders just people who can speak and wonder?

It goes on to say that the leader who once held all the knowledge and skills
Are now being replaced by talking heads, that are able to bring great thrills

It further points to the fact that great heads of companies fit this mold
I am not totally sure I am totally sold

I am conflicted as this book came highly recommended
Churchill and Lincoln should be able to teach me if it can be comprehended

So 10 pages in I am going to keep reading
Many thoughts I have begun to have as I am breathing

To be able to speak and stand tall
Is that really all?

Or should I also be able to roll up my sleeves and work
And ever so often be called a jerk?

Is being both soft and firm an important trait?
Do you have to be the first out of the gate?

So read on I will, a few hundred more pages to go
If nothing else, maybe it will help me grow

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