Wednesday, April 13, 2016

#edubabble has got a hold on me!

Talk, Talk, Talk, Talk, Talk
Life was easier when we used chalk

Here is my pet peeve with what I hear
To my breaking point I am near

An era of common core
Looking at standardized scores

Research based best practices in classes
You use to engage the masses

Maslowe and Bloom’s and pushing thinking
And sticking to the script with no tinkering

Data driven instruction, RTI, small groupings
Pacing guides, activating strategies, aren’t you looping?

Multiple attempts and teaching to the test
Growth mindset and the power of aren’t you tired yet?

Vertically aligned curriculum to maximize spiraling
Teach the whole child to keep them smiling

SBAC, PARC, UBD, IEP, PLC, to name a few
In #edubabble we have more acronyms than you

Customize, personalize within learning styles
FAIL, persevere, develop grit within a child

Kinesthetic, auditory, and visual learning preferences
Same stuff at all the conferences

Independent, guided, and gradual release
You must know every strategy there’s no excuse

Formative, summative, checks to understanding
It’s enough for me to want a ticket to exit all this rambling

Integrate tech, one v. one, where’s your pencil
I am at the point it’s making me mental

Manage up, trickle down, create movement
Have you ever heard someone say, “it is all about the students”

Email inbox is in an absolute infinite state
Why is there no time, place, path, or pace 

Connections, collaborate, feedback galore
Just leave me alone, it is all a blur

Blog, Periscope, babble, skype, hangout
tweet, vox, Google+, Facebook, what am I leaving out

If I hear rigor, cognitive, or pathways any more
I am going to shake you till your common sore

Edubabble has officially gotten to me
I write this as a joke for all to see
As I remind myself that I need to breathe

So to my PLN headed to the DOK tabernacle
Meet me there to grapple with #edubabble

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