Wednesday, April 20, 2016

#GoOpen or #GoClosed... That is the question

So I borrowed this saying, modified it to fit my needs and now am using it to title my blog...

What if you could do that with educational resources?  I don't want to take someone else's stuff, and plug in play all the time.  At times that might work, but usually I feel like tweaks might need to be made or wholesale modifications.  In either case, I want to be able to do that without feeling like I am either breaking copyright or just being morally indifferent to others' work.

#GoOpen to me means, giving credit to good ideas, if I share on social media or more internal networks, but also being able to take another's ideas and make them better or fit my needs.

This has been going on forever in education, why not make it scaleable and/or regular.  Let's change the mindset from "needing" or "paying" for credit, to... "putting it out there for the world for others to steal, take, borrow, modify, tweak, whatever"

I feel when you accept the moral contract to be an educator, you accept that you are going to share your ideas with others without needing credit or payment.  Like a doctor takes an oath to help all those around them in physical distress, you accept that, acknowledge it, for the betterment of others.  That should be inherent the first day you take your first class and begin to educate them.

I have been fortunate enough to BETA test @amazoneducation new platform and have uploaded a few things and downloaded a few things I liked.  I have also asked for and taken hundreds of ideas, forms, letters, etc. from others and used them as my own.  When possible I give them credit, but I will admit I sometimes forget or don't even realize who the original source was...

Is this a problem?  I say no!  I say I took a moral contract and accepted it when I became an educator that I was going to share anything and everything because it is "what is best for kids."  I will say RIGHT NOW that you can take any idea I have or share and never give me credit.  I don't care, because, "I do what is best for kids!" P.S. I don't like that saying, at all...

  • So who are you? 
  • What is your role in education?
  • How are you going to share?
  • Share with limits or share openly?  I say share openly!  Knowing that your work may never make you millions, but it may help someone "do what is best for kids!"
Don't put your stuff out there to look for accolades or awards!  The only recognition you should need is knowing that you have pushed the thinking of someone else, gave them ideas without strings, and been self-actualized in the idea that you are okay with that. If not, I feel you have not accepted the moral obligation that comes with being an educator.

We are in this together, we have many that oppose us and think we are not professionals... Let's be #GoOpen to show them, that in no other industry other than education can we be this open.  We grow together to be better.  Be better with me, or build those walls... The Choice Is Yours! 

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