Friday, April 29, 2016

Who Are You?

I see so many hashtags, I see so many people being tagged
I am going to rant as a nothing more than a newspaper rag

If I rhyme and bring it to that level, will you be able to respond?
You are white, promoting white, don't you feel a responsibility to humankind?

If you have a page where people go to seek you to speak
I find that incredibly weak

Who are you? are you a principal or talking tower
I can't stand it when I am out of the building an hour

What I see sometimes is a single voice promoting a brand
And on top of that none of them even understand

I am going to be honest and blunt
If I was a football coach, I would never punt

I spent the end of my day in an ESL class with Sarah
She has 13 kids without a para

They were watching green screen videos they sent to youtube
Their voice on video to tell us and show their attitude

Why do "white" principals like you, only sometimes promote "your" brand?
I see so many that don't involve their staff or common ground

How can you only promote on twitter and not respond to teachers?
Are they not a part of your vision, your a global chief fake cheater

I call out all admins that only promote invented and global hashtags
what are you "doing" with "our kids" you are going to the dance stag

I am so tired and angry of the nonsense I see on social media
Go ahead and argue with me

I am not scared, not tired, I wake almost every day at 4 am
I am what I am.

I want to change minds and plead you to invole your staff
I am hear to help, I am hear to aide
For so many admins I see only promote their own self
What is wrong with you, where did go and drink your own koolaid?

Stop the automation, stop the quotes!
You need to start taking notes

I don't like you, I call you out
But none of you will respond or seek me out

I want to take the power back
I want to empower my staff

They are the ones that do the work
And every once in a while we might twerk

Be the voice, champion, but don't be a voice no one local hears
Those are the minds and the influence you need between the ears

Stop the global hashtags of this and that
Do what is right for your room, school, that is the attack

I think I am done with this rant
Please understand, I won't stop, I can't

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