Monday, May 23, 2016

A Poem - My Teacher "Feature! Feature!"

You're my hero, my super hero, you're my teacher
Right out of a comic book "feature! feature!"

You help me understand equations
Slap my hand high five
Strive to find explanations

With a nod, a blink, you make me think
Always giving me a second chance with that glance

Then we write, write, write
But I can sleep at night

Knowing that you will be there tomorrow
For the grind, push my mind
Your mine, always have time

For that I appreciate, but we had this debate when we ate
With my friends at lunch
Can you answer some questions, we had a bunch?

Is home where you go at the end of the day?
You own sneakers and jeans no way!

Do you ever shop for snacks and groceries?
You go to movies on Friday's? This I must see!

Are you rich, because you have so many books?
How can you get me quiet with just a look?

How do you know that tune from youtube?
So much so soon, I don't want to assume
Who are you? Who are you?
You got me confused, so confused...

Why am I amused with the silly saying you make me repeat?
Like every single day and week

You know I am joking, I get it, I get it
You want me to pay attention to your directions
My reflection is your intention on my behavior
That is why I say "SSHH" to my neighbor

I will... I always will believe in you
Because I trust what you do
My best interests are in your mind
I know... I know, your one of a kind

You're my hero, my super hero, you're my teacher
"Feature, feature!"

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