Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Is being earnest... fake on social media?

If you are earnest aren't you; sincere, purposeful, heartfelt, impassioned, devoted, passionate, and most importantly sincere?

I can just say, "you are awesome!"  "You are the best teacher or admin I know!" "You are my favorite _____ ever!"

As a matter of fact I have said that on social media many times, and have been told that on social media.  I see it all the time on social media!  We are all guilty, but shouldn't we evolve?

I have told many people they are awesome, and quite frankly I have no idea if they are awesome or not.  Is that what we should be doing to further our serious profession?  I may have never met them.  Their thought may be awesome, their idea = awesome, but are they awesome?

Even to further define this.  I really have no idea if they are awesome.  They may appear awesome like asbestos was for 50 years.  On the surface it looks good, but break it apart and you all of a sudden can't breath and develop cancer.

Anyone can quote someone or quote themselves, but does that equal them being awesome?  I say, "maybe," but "maybe" we need to reserve those descriptions for people we actually know.  I know a lot of awesome educators, but I have seen their classrooms, met their students, talked to their parents, etc.  They are the barometer for awesome, not 140 characters of nonsense.

So please, please, do us all a favor and change "you are awesome" to "your idea is awesome."  If you don't know someone is awesome, don't say it.  You say it, it might be earnest, Which I have a hard time trusting.  It just becomes babble, not edubabble, just babble.

All of this falls under the umbrella of quality vs. quantity.  If you have never read the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pershing, then I suggest you do for the best definition of this concept.  I have heard it described as depth over breath.  Breathing is good, until it smells bad when you have not brushed your teeth yet.

Not to be a hater, relationships, and developing them with jokes, side comments, etc. are important.  Just keep it to banter, which is perfectly excepted and needed for relationships.  I am just asking that your feelings of gratitude and sincerity be kept to those people you know and deserve it.  Just keep it real for real's sake.  It will help us all appear more relevant and really important as professionals.

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