Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What happened? Just a story...

My quotes are not exact quotes, but paraphrases of conversations.

"Hey, I got an idea... what if we videod every staff member dancing to Justin Timberlakes song; Can't Stop the Feeling?"

"That sounds like an interesting idea...I like it, let's do it. What do you need from me?"

"Nothing boss, I got it, just might take a few days while I run around and collect video"

That is how it started... This is a simple, not complex, but simple explanation of how a single video made by a teacher @chrissiejMcLean became a story.

"Why are we making this video?"

"Just to show them (the students) that sometimes adults like to have fun too, even teachers!"

"Sounds good to me"

So a week or so went by and then I woke up this morning to a video in my twitter notifications.  I watched it and immediately at the beginning started to smile.  I had seen no pre-cut work, no draft, here it was and I was excited.  I knew right away that I was going to see everyone and was really curious to see how it played out.  I could not have been happier with the finished product!

I make videos every week documenting what "our kids" do, but they are predictable, repetitive, etc.  I love doing it and don't want to stop, but the novelty has worn off a bit. Totally understandable.  This was fresh and a little different.  Staff's have done dance videos for many years, but this was "our staff" our #cddolphins.  It lived up to my expectations as I saw that youtube link.

Fast forward 4-5 hours and I get this email: It basically stated that a producer from CBS digital wanted to know who created this?  How long did it take, and who the teachers were at minutes 1:27 and 2:00.  I met with Chrissie and then responded to the email request.  I told them the teachers (Ms. Burke, Mrs. Hoban, and Mrs. Jones) and other information about who created it, length, edits, etc.  She had received the same email.  This is when I knew we were going to get some attention and things might get interesting.  It was going out of our sphere of influence and control, which makes me uncomfortable. 

Not an hour later and we get a link to an article.  Which is far different then the article you are seeing LINK HERE ( It was even worse ) 

In the article it mentions this: 

NEW CASTLE, DE (CBS) — Teachers at Carrie Downie Elementary can’t help but be excited for the end of the school year. And for that reason they can’t stop dancing.
To celebrate and “say goodbye to another year of learning,” they made a video dancing to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling.”
It also implied that we were just waiting for summer to start, like the school year was over for us already!  That part is not in this link, as pressure from me has had it modified a bit... 
At first after seeing the link I was super excited! WOW! We made the news in one day with a great video showing a great staff having fun!  Let's show kids that we are happy to be here, glad testing is over, and that we can be silly! 
Then I read the article and especially this part, that is still there and has not been changed... 
Chrissie summed it up best in our 3-5 +Schoology course with these words to "our kids" directly:
The Carrie Downie teachers wanted to make our students smile. We weren't challenged and we weren't TOLD to do it, we WANTED to make you all happy! Enjoy! 

WE DID NOT MAKE THIS VIDEO TO CELEBRATE AND SAY GOODBYE TO KIDS!  We are excited for summer, we do need a break, but we also do not want to say goodbye to our kids!  We will miss them and it was not the intention of the video.  
As this video has gone Delaware viral, which is not global viral, I also want to thank Chrissie for being patient with me as I got super frustrated today, and humble in recognizing that although it was her idea, her videos, and her work, it was for us, for them, and for you.  
We are here for them, this was for them, not to celebrate their leaving, but to celebrate that we are just like them in a bigger form, older, and for some of us, less hair.  
I understand the power of a message and our message is that we are here for "our kids" until the last bus leaves, on the last day...  We will have fun, we will be silly, but we will never "celebrate" their leaving.  
We "celebrate" the time we have had together
We do it for "our kids"
The moments, the gains,
The pains and the laughs
We celebrate "our kids"
Never determined by a calendar
But dictated, by where we have been with them. 
Don't confuse it, and don't twist it for a story
We are here for "our kids" and nothing more

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