Tuesday, May 3, 2016

#thankateacher - My trust

I have a number of teachers to thank, and support staff.  They all work at Carrie Downie Elementary School.  To me they are more than just a staff.  They are dissenters (in a good way), challengers, risk takers, they are innovators, each in their own capacity, and they all are here for "our kids".  I am a lucky principal.

We have been through a lot together up to this point and more than anything else I trust them.  I trust them every day, our community trusts them, our district trusts them and this trust can not be understated.  I trust them to do their best every day.  I trust them, when I am not there, that they are going to still uphold the expectations and standards that we have set for ourselves.  I trust them in being able to be honest with me on my thoughts on vision, direction, ideas, and they will give me some honest feedback in a respectful way.  I trust them in that I feel comfortable walking into any classroom at any time and know that learning is going to be taking place.  They probably don't like when I pop in on a Friday afternoon 15 minutes before dismissal, but I trust them, in what they are doing.  

I trust them in that they we are moving forward each day trying to never look back.  I trust them in I see the hugs, the high fives, and looks on their faces when bad news about a student is shared with them.  I trust them in that we are a school that pushes kids thinking, learning, and love of not only education, but doing it together.  I trust them in that they not only will back up "our kids" and support them, but do the same for me, and each other.  I trust them that they will see past some of the many difficulties and baggage that some of our students bring to school with them.  I trust them that they will bring a passion to work that can not be dampened by certain unavoidable mandates or angry influences.

Often times I have heard that staff need to be able to trust their leader/principal.  I do not disagree, but I also need to be able to trust them.  I do trust them, so much so that I want to share their classrooms and ideas with others as much as possible.  They may not like all the openness and transparency all the time, but I trust that they understand the importance of it.  I trust that they know that us sharing "our kids" is a model for other schools that have very diverse populations.  

The #cddolphins are a special group of educators.  I see it every day.  I trust that they got my back and I have theirs.  I believe it, feel it, and know it.  With that trust, even in times that are tough, you know that you will come out of it better.  So on this day and week to appreciate a teacher, I appreciate them all and trust them to do their work with passion, compassion, excitement, exuberance, and respect.

So a message to Them:

Thanks again for allowing me to trust you and being who you are, each and every one of you.  We each have our own story, but together our stories make the book.  We are writing one heck of a book!


  1. Thank you for the vote of confidence! A break from lunch duty would also make a great Teacher Appreciation gift, just saying... :)

  2. HaHa, I thought lunch duty and connecting with students in a different environment was appreciation! Just kidding.