Monday, June 20, 2016

4 am blog

To be totally accurate it is currently 4:16

I got up before 4 am

I don't get up this early every day

Usually just a few times a week

My wife and I alternate early starts so one of us can be here, if our kids wake up

The other days is usually around 5 am

I don't share this because of insomnia

I actually have no trouble sleeping

I get up because I have an idea or my alarm goes off

If it is because of an idea, it is usually around 3:43.

Then I scratch that itch and get the thoughts out on paper or post-it.

The morning is so peaceful, sometimes share with coffee, or just water.

I have put together lists, sent out some messages, but overall purpose is to organize the head.

It is done with routine, where clothes are pick for the gym which opens at 5.

Breakfast is always the same on days I wake up at 4 am.

My goal is to get there by 5:01, so I don't have to wait in line.

There is a line to the YMCA at 5:00 am, who knew?

The point in any of this, is just to share, from my experience.

I have been doing this for 8 years, ever since my son was born.

Don't get me wrong, not perfectly consistent with days, I do skip here and there.

Although 4 am days sound horrible, they are always my best

I already know how the first 2 hours are going to go.

I will have accomplished a few positive things without thinking.

That is the secret to my 4 am days.  Consistent accomplishments without having to think about what I need to do.

That means automating the little stuff, so that I can write, create, exercise, all while it is dark out.

Why I wrote this as single lines, is beyond me, it just seemed like the right thing to do.

I don't even think I am going to proofread it yet, as it is getting close to 4:53, the time I need to leave.

The beauty of 4 am is there is little that can go wrong, little to distract you, and so much potential.

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