Sunday, June 5, 2016


Sure 7051 is just a number, a large number.

It is not the answer to a difficult math problem.

It is not the code to a lock.

It is not a passcode to a website.

This number represents something.  It represents a commitment to documentation.  Documentation of learning, culture, and the backbone of what the #cddolphins stand for.

We have over the course of this year taken 7051 videos and pictures of our students' learning, engaging, and just plain having some fun at times.  This number is also low as it does not represent the videos that go straight to twitter, youtube, or other side projects.  That conservatively probably reaches closer to 10,000.  

It is important, it is a data source, it is something to celebrate.  Does it equal learning?  No, but it does represent it.  It does represent a commitment by the staff to share what we do.  We are special, we do want to model, we do want to celebrate "our kids".

It is not hard to take a picture or post a short video.  Why would you not?  What is the down side?  Who would argue that celebrating "our kids" through visuals is a bad idea?

I am more than proud about what we have done this year and we have over 7051 pieces of evidence to show you what we did!

Keep it up #cddolphins, we are special and we should continue to share.  Have a great summer and keep those smartphones, ipods, and ipads handy.

Here is our latest weekly video and our last one that we use to capture and memorialize our learning journey each week.

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