Friday, June 17, 2016

Blog 100 Professional Passion to Park

For someone that was not a very good student, hated to write, and quite frankly only cared about a few things in High School and College, including playing sports, music, and you fill in the rest.  I am pretty excited - no actually proud - that I have put my thoughts on paper 100 times since January 2015.  I had no deadlines, no reasons, no one forcing me, it wasn't part of a larger picture to drive conversations or chats, I just wanted to do it.  It was quite simply that simple. I just wanted to do it.

I never wrote during work as this was always something done on my own time.  I did take my inspiration from the job and developed many of my thoughts in the car on the way to and from, but otherwise all done at home.  Why?  I have no reasons other than it has helped me formalize, compartmentalize, and organize my thoughts, feelings, and ideas in chapters or posts.

Is that even that important?  I think so... as a school leader.  You need to be driven and clear with your message/vision with staff and the larger school community.  I am here now, and have the same motivation to continue as I had when I started.  Probably more, as it is getting easier to put thoughts to paper or whatever this is...

So I am going to use this moment to write about my professional passion.  It is not technology, observations, delivering professional development, or writing, but I do like them all.  It really is just hanging out with kids in classrooms and then on occasion, documenting this with video and pictures, many occasions!

I was asked at contract time by my superintendent where I wanted to be in 5 years?

My answer was quick and simple, exactly where I am, principal at Carrie Downie Elementary School.  I don't know if he was expecting a different answer?

There were a few others in the room at the time, and they seemed a little confused.  I think my reputation in the district is to be a little pushy, in a good way, and someone that is always looking for new and better ways to operate.  I guess this perception contradicted with my answer, which seems very complacent.  To me it was simple, I understand drive and I also understand park.  I am very happy to be parked.  I have never wanted to do anything more than be a principal, because I felt it gave me the best option to feed my passion of being in classrooms with kids.  Any classroom I want actually.  Being in #cddolphins classrooms is a dream come true!

When I am not dealing with administrative stuff, the byproduct of being principal, I go into classrooms all day and call it work.  I have even termed some days walkabouts, borrowing from the Australians' historical right of passage for young males.  Not walk throughs, but walkabouts.  I simply walk around popping in and out of here and there checking in on students that I know need to be checked in on.  I try to check-in on students that never get check-in on as well.  They are often forgotten, but not by me.  I don't want any student or parent to ever, "foreva eva" ask who is the principal at Carrie Downie?  I shamelessly don't know my own kids principal's name off the top of my head, because they never talk about her.  That will not be me...  

I do it to learn, observe, be challenged with behaviors, questions, and jokes with kids all day!  No one can tell me to stop, no one can tell me to get out, no one can tell me "no thanks, not today!"

I am the principal ;)

If I was a supervisor of curriculum, or director of this or that, I would not be the principal.  I would not be able to be in classrooms with students every day.  If I were higher up, I may have a greater influence over decisions and district direction, but my immediate impact on a school and children would be very diminished. I can not except that reality as that was never my professional goal or passion.  

The logical progression of so many is to move up in ranks, and this is needed, as people need to be replaced.

I am going to stay in park.  I am going to roll my windows down, feel the breeze, open the sunroof, put on a great song and sing out loud.  People may drive by me, may honk their horns and wonder what I am doing, ask me if I broke down, needed a nap, whatever?  I will smile, wave, thank them for their concern and explain my car is fine.  The song is not over yet, and I have crates of music to listen and sing too still!

Here is what I am singing right now!

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