Friday, July 1, 2016

For Who... For What?

I am going to take you back Philly sports fans
Because the amount of quotes in #edu give me pains

Reminded me of how I wish Ricky did not have alligator hands.
Stick with me, this will come clear as you will see

I am an Eagles football fan, and I wanted to love Ricky Waters when he played here.
And then he said, "For who for what?" In reference to a catch he had so near

I lost all respect for "the running back" number 32
That day when he did what he did, which I wish he did not do

He said a quote that I will never forget
delegated to the bottom of my fandom

Gave up early, he turned it in, he said, "it is all about..."
He was then productive for many years

That first game ended in shame
From a quote he spoke as I choked

I am a Philly fan and a diehard believer in hard sweat and tears
He was displaying a willingness to allow hesitation and fears

It was not his words, but what he did not claim
He did not want to feel pain, and gain respect from the crowd at the Vet that day.

He needed not say any more, his jersey I would never wear
His name I would never repeat, #notafan would have been my tweet

I try to dive deep into a message, not just stare at the peak
He spoke, then followed it up with an Eagles's career of underachieving

Just throw some stuff out there and see if it sticks
Without follow up or work to make it click.

And that is the point!

Those that speak from quotes on social media
They hang on the cliche, but delay...
Hopefully the real message is on the way.

I wait and wait, only to see their name on display
With a hyphen at the bottom for credit seems thin...
"My thoughts are my thoughts" - Doug Timm
Does that make sense, under any pretense?

"All kids deserve a champion"
"All communities need a light"
"Sell like a used car salesman"
"Most important words are good night"

Put with the right background and hyphen my name
It might appear I put thought in those quotes that are lame

It bothers me to no end these repeated quotes are not thoughts with authenticity.
A quote here and there is fine, but I don't have time
To read, "do this" and "do that" when your message is 13 word simplicity

What is behind the quote or cliche? 
What is it you really want to say? 

I am a naysayer for quote machines you use to drive your conviction and intentions
From now on I am going to try and ask you questions

What does that mean to you?
What are you going to do?
What steps?
Just name a few?

Don't cling to words just to be positive, which is false and fake
Social Media is a place to take a break from negative, I get it...

But please don't waste my time with retweeting something I can Google.
Inspirational quotes, meaningful messages, I have screenshot them before

I want to try and pull emotions out of someone a thousand miles away
May start with a quote, but needs to dive deeper with feelings
Dealings and thinking through your thoughts gets you to a spot of understanding

So if I challenge your quote, it is because I care
Not because I am negative or wanting to scare

Like Ricky Waters so many years ago, that first awoke me and broke me
To an understanding of a separation between real, and those only out to be

I was a kid and easy to influence, I went through a stage
Intoxication by self-actualization at an early age

Say a cliche, but be more, is what I ask, what is the point of pushing messages without reason or feelings
It comes off to me like a salesman's dealings. 

"For who for what..." I will never forget that quote. 
He left me broke, not for what he said, but for what it claims
Shame, Blame, Not In The Game
Not My Name, I Am Not The Same

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