Friday, June 17, 2016

Motivation Behind Professional Learning

I might be off base, I might be off my rocker...

I definitely don't have the most innovative idea ever...

This has been done before, turn the page...

What is all the rage over personalized PD and professional learning..

To be better, to grow isn't that the meaning we want to show!

So this is not a poem or a sonnet, but an explanation to why I think teachers want to be better with the right motivation.  Many before this and many after will come up with learning experiences for teachers that are optional, open, self-paced, and available.  What I want to do is create opportunities that are meaningful. Base them on the direction we are going.  I want everything that the #cddolphins doing to be moving in the direction that satisfies our vision.  There is certainly choice and deviation with the ability to question, but I want tasks that they can do on their own to move them within our mission.

To develop as I call them, "Quests" for teachers.  A badge is then the reward with recognition and confidence of knowing you practiced something.  I want exposure for staff so that they might find their passion.  Maybe it is screencasting, maybe it is writing, maybe it is planning lessons flipping Bloom's.  There is even going to be an option that allows teachers to pick their own.  What I want them to do is think beyond the curriculum that is provided and create learning experience for themselves that mirror what I want them to do with "our kids".


I hope that was clear.  If you are not willing to try something new, put yourself out there, get feedback, etc. you also should not be teaching kids.  We ask that of our students every day, we need to be able to except the same in return.

I get feedback, even today, and every day.  People love telling me how to do my job, sometimes very warranted!  I listen, or at least try, then adjust if needed.  Isn't that what we all should do?  In any case, I am open to the conversation with you.

So the motivation for creating learning quests for teachers is not for improvement, although that is the expected outcome.  The motivation is to create experiences, exposure, and maybe allow some to find a passion.

If it is writing, great!
If it is recording your class learning, great!
If it is screencasting, great!
If it is flipping lessons, great!
If it is so much more.... I can not reveal all, great!

I am not good at everything, but I want to be really good at the things that I feel are important and passionate about.  I will then use that to leverage my abilities on things I struggle with.  Confidence in self, does apply to all areas, but I need that reservoir of confidence to draw on first.  That is my motivation for practice, so that I know I am good. Through practice of skills, I hope to help teachers build this confidence as well. You are good enough, what you did is great, do it again, and share it! 

My algorithm is simple - exposure + practice = development of confidence  = success on things you are not so good at.

Not a perfect American Algorithm, and I may have carried incorrectly, but I think my equation works.  If you are exposed first, find a passion, practice it repeatedly, and get positive feedback, confidence will breed itself. That confidence is the fuel for everything and it starts with exposure, experiences, and challenges or as I call them "quests". 

If you want to know what they all are, hit me up in September. They are not all created yet, but I will share freely at that point. 

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