Thursday, June 2, 2016

Realization of a Great Man!

Tonight I had privilege of attending Dr. Carlton Lampkins retirement dinner.  As I approached the room, the first thing I realized was not the diversity in culture, which was evident, but the diversity in each person's relationship with him.

That is the first sign, for me, of someone that has made an impact on other humans.

The night continued, we had 8 speakers, all with jokes, poems (Delaware Twin Poets Laurette) and others that have work with Dr. Lampkins.  Each had their own take and each spoke to his ability or need to control or command a room, committee, situation, etc.  None of the stories were perfect or of the sort that is just complimentary.  On the contrary, most of the stories started off with faults or situations where each person was changed for life.  Again a sign of a true leader.  If everything is perfect then growth is not occurring.

As I will not claim to know Dr. Lampkins really well, I know a little, and being in the district long enough, he is going to leave a mark that will be hard to replace.  I think it is important to document the work of great people, so this is my humble attempt from my view.

I find common ground with him.  I too feel honesty, speaking your mind, and always striving for "our kids" in a way that is more than just academics, is often forgotten and missed.

This was often his calling card and a needed voice.  I found out tonight he started so many programs, initiatives, and spots for "our kids" to land.  It was because of his soft hand, and loud deep voice that a district that often was rigid in thinking was able to move past just "Do It A Little Better Next Year."

I thank you Dr. Lampkins for pushing us to think about kids more than test scores, or numbers, but to get to know them as members of our community.  I love our community and our district and I now realize the power of how you created a sense of the POWER OF WE!

Twin Poets Poem to Dr. Lampkins (Not totally complete)

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