Friday, July 1, 2016

Follow up to Something... Reason for Quotes are a waste...

As I wrote My Last blog - For Who... For What... I listened to this song on repeat, over 30+ times.  The original songs is - Little Pretty One by Thurston Harris.  The video below was a later performance by Frankie Lymon.  

I do champion my dancing style a little after Frankie Lymon, just saying... 

I am only throwing this in here to share at this point.  To give you an idea of my mindset as I write.
This poem/blog took me 2 weeks to write and I posted once and hated it, to rewrite now.  I always went back to this song... 


Because it made sense to me when writing this poem.  It might be hard to find the connection between this song/video and my writing, which I would totally understand.

Please view the video as the looks on the girls' faces makes you think about race at this point in our history (1960).  They do not want to look up and make eye contact, they appear ashamed in actually liking this music.  

Each and every white girl looked around to see what their neighbors were doing.  Think about that for a second and how that relates to you... Watch the video twice and test me, each and every one looked around at their neighbors first... Black man singing and dancing a catchy tune, they look startled and looked around... If you read all the comments on the clip you will see this same common thread, but trust me, I read them after I watched this 3-4 times and had the same types of thoughts.  

You know they wanted to get up and dance, but because of cultural stigma they did not.  I am not trying to compare my writing to the experience of Thurston Harris or Frankie Lymon.  I really am not, but I am trying to compare a feeling of "looking around" to that of having thoughts and the courage to not "look around" and just speak up.

The "thing" seems to be to come up with a quote, repeat it, or put your name to it, and send it out.... I call shenanigans! Actually want to say something stronger.   

What I am trying to do is to get people to think like Frankie... He knew that this crowd was all white, he knew the song was a hit.  Maybe a few years earlier, but people did not want to acknowledge it actually came from a person of color.  My story is not to tell that of Thurston's or Frankie's.  That is for someone else.

My story is to tell that by going against the status quo, and allowing, or challenging people to think a bit, will make us all a little stronger.  I don't have anything close to the courage of these two men, but I do think my contribution to get past the backwash of #edubabble and into real discussions is important.  So don't look around at the crowd and do as they are doing, do something - YES! Do something you feel is important, meaningful, and will make a real change.  Putting your name and thinking of quotes to post is a waste of time... 

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