Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Relationships #Edubabble 4

As I nip, dip, sip, rip, and zip through my building
I am cognizant, aware of all the relationships

This is one of those edubabble words that everyone knows
But the discussion often stops there as to where to go or what to do

I am by no means the expert in this area
I will admittedly call this one of my weaker spots

I am not going to define it from Merriam or Webster
I think this is the "one" word we agree as educators

Is something you experience, hear, feel, see, and... smell?
Maybe that makes no sense, like taste in this case

But as I write this blog to better myself and reflect
I was compelled from many conversations lately about this topic

I get upset when conversations end at a word and nothing goes beyond
Does that word "relationship" mean the same in everyone's mind

Is that why we don't ask for more from this word?
Why it is left stag on the dance floor?

So to better understand my own deficiencies
To try and make them proficiencies

I will attempt an edubabble to explain what it is to me
And how I can define this precious, some say
Most important word in the edu-dictionary

Relationships are different with each person, students, parents, and staff
For some it is a look, nod, maybe a high five, or verse and a laugh

For some it is more, a meeting, maybe a "how's your wife?"
For some it is "leave me alone right now" and "I need space"
Or "just listen and shut your face"

For some it is making sure you say, "hello" each day
I am a morning person, so that is my way

To get me to smile for a while
I am easy, I think most of the time.

For some it is giving them more to do to show you respect them
For some it is taking some things away to give them a break

Each relationship needs to be read like a book or their personal journal
I don't know if there is a script or plan to deal with these...
I need to find another word for relationships.

Their is  skill in relationship building I am finding
And will let you in on the secret
You have to be able to react correctly at the right time with the right words

Words are important and if you don't have them, you are better not saying anything
That is hard for me, a person whose own tag line says talk first to create thoughts

In relationships this is the worst path of attack
When giving feedback this might work
But not when you are telling someone you have their back

Building relationships is not professional growth or learning
It comes from a different place and different yearning

I think when working on rapport, affiliations, and conjunctions my other babble
You are better off recognizing, listening, and questioning

This is going to be hard for me, this is not going to be easy
I write to reflect on this, not to tell you I have proof this works

I am a work in progress in many areas and this is definitely a place to grow
Slow and steady is my course with lots of steps back

So define relationships I did not do
I probably just created more confusion for me and you

HAHA! I say that relationships are a slippery, confusing slope with kids, parents, and staff
Isn't it all worth it...? to make sure they see you in a light that makes sense in your craft

What choice do we have, "they" say and I agree
Relationships are what drive the school community

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