Sunday, August 21, 2016

Educators First Day of School - #cddolphins

The first day of school begins with the last day before
A new beginning with new students wanting more

Energy, anxiety, feeling of purpose in your head
Certainly 3 am is the appropriate time for bed

Looking at plans, making sure room is right, school is tight
You only have one chance you think, before you say good night

I will mess up, what if I come off wrong, what if it is awkward and weird?
Will they like me as much as their teacher last year?

I will smile, I will hug, I have my clothes ready to go.
I think about those kids that come in smug not ready to grow

How that will hurt, how that will feel, how can I turn it around this year?
That is my job, I tell myself, already worried about how I will help.

I am confident in me, I have had so much success.
Why am I still the most important and difficult one to impress?

I wake up early, get coffee, and double check the space.
I say "hi" to colleagues, but only thinking about that face.

The face of the students, special, each and every
The time I spend this year will be a forever memory

I have that control, I have that influence, I have that power
To change ideas, show new learning, and allow them to climb great towers

I will now go to bed knowing this is paramount, this is mine
For tomorrow will be the beginning of the most important time


  1. This was great. You really nailed the feelings. Tylenol PM to help me tonight!

  2. Thanks Chrissie! I am excited!

  3. Thanks, Doug! Those feelings are the same every year. So excited.